Beading Beauty: Julisa Quewezance, Ojibwe Beadworker!!!

Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor DK:Stunning Beadwork!We are delighted to visit with you! Please tell us about yourself? JQ: Its nice to visit with you as well, Miss Dawn! My name is Julisa Quewezance, Im an Ojibwe woman from Saskatchewan, Canada. DK: Your work is so pretty! Do you remember the early days of beading? JQ: When I first started beading, I was so keen on learning everything! I had piles of ...

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Watch the Team Sneak Up! Spotlight 29 Casino Powwow

I always loved watching the sneak up dances when I was a kid. Even cooler to see as a team category! Check out this video from the Spotlight 29 Casino Powwow in Coachella, CA MENS TEAM DANCE CONTEST FINALS TEAM TRIPLE THREAT - SNEAK UP - THA BOYZ Thank you to Amigo Kandu for documenting all these wonderful pow wows! Make sure to follow Amigo Kandu on YouTube for more vids.

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Take It Away! The Commercial You Won’t See This Super Bowl Sunday

The National Congress of American Indians has released a new commercial as part of the Change the Mascot campaign. But this commercial will not be seen during the Super Bowl broadcast, you'll only be able catch it online. Take a look and tell us what you think. For more information, visit Change The Mascot online.

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Have You Seen ‘The Jingle Dress’?

The Jingle Dress Movie recently premiered in December to a packed house at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis. Did any of you catch it? If not, let's catch you up with a trailer for the movie. Jingle Dress Trailer 10-20-14 from bill eigen on Vimeo. The film also generated a lot of buzz when it was nominated for six awards at The 39th Annual American Indian Motion Picture Awards Show put on by ...

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A Little Slice of Pine Ridge at Sundance Film Festival

A lot of buzz is being generated about the film Songs My Brothers Taught Me, which will be shown at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival this week. Maybe it's because the film is set on the Pine Ridge Reservation and the director, Chloé Zhao, was born in Beijing. As Zhao tells Filmmaker Magazine back in 2013, a lot of people have asked why she's interested in the Lakota's story. “I get asked a lot, ‘Why are you doing this?’” Zhao says ...

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13 New Recipes to Try from #NativeEats Cookbook

Back in November, First Peoples Worldwide put out a call to their readers for recipes with an Indigenous flavor. They collaborated with the American Indian College Fund and came up with a collection of 13 recipes. Ancient Mayan Hot Chocolate Blue Corn Buttermilk Muffins Calabacitas Cherokee Huckleberry Bread Chippewa Wild Rice and Chicken Soup Clay’s Buffalo Meatloaf Corn Hill Soup Fry Bread Mommy Soup Posole with Red Chile Simple Meat Smoked Oyster Potato Cakes Sweet Potato Soup I was just looking for a good ...

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CATEGORY NAME PLACE         JR WOMENS FANCY JADE BROWN 5       JR WOMENS FANCY FELICIA BADGER 4       JR WOMENS FANCY TARALYN GADWA 3       JR WOMENS FANCY TRISH ALBERT 2       JR WOMENS FANCY KARLENE CUTKNIFE 1       Women's Jingle ELISSA GADWA 5       Women's Jingle LACY ALBERT 4       Women's Jingle KRISTEN TOOTOOSIS 3       Women's Jingle LEAH OMEASO 2       Women's Jingle ANGELIN GADWA 1     Women's Traditional RAYLENE HUNTER 5     Women's Traditional...

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“Whether Or Not You’re Recognized By Your Government,You’re Recognized By Us!” Blue Mountain Tribe Makes Music For All!

Interview By Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor What happens when you mix music with military service? BLUE MOUNTAIN TRIBE, a tremendously talented band that is reaching international audiences. Motivated by a strong message, a mission to serve others and stirring songs, this great Native Band is poised to make a mark on the music scene! ...

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Activist, Entertainer, Educator: Renee Roman Nose’s Visionary Voice!

Visionary. Voice. Vibrance. Renee Roman Nose inspires many through her music, speaking, comedy, acting and example. A Southern Cheyenne, she is a passionate advocate for the environment and for others. Renee Roman Nose shares her motivational enthusiasm and brings a smile to all of us in a delightful visit here on and in two interviews on A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA. Visionary Voice ...

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‘Native Haute Couture’ to Celebrate the History of Native American Fashion

If you're a fashionista and in the Chicagoland area, don't miss out on this new exhibit! The Mitchell Museum of the American Indian will be presenting a new exhibit featuring “Native Haute Couture” on January 31. This year-long exhibit will celebrate the history of Native American high fashion from pre-contact to today. There will be many unique and priceless garments on display that showcase American Indian artistry and expertise in tanning, weaving, ...

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Jingle Dress is also called a Prayer Dress. There are differences in the origins of the dress among the tribes. The dress was seen in a dream, as an object …



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