Supaman Shares His Inspiration on Global News

Supaman has also been a viral sensation with his video ‘Prayer Loop Song’ garnishing over 1.2 million hits on YouTube. He is a champion fancy dancer traveling extensively on the powwow circuit throughout the U.S and Canada. Born Christian Parrish “Native Americans grasp that culture of hip-hop because of the struggle. Hip-hop was talking about the ghetto life, poverty, crime, drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy; all that crazy stuff that happens in ...

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Making Regalia – Boy’s Fancy Apron

The Making Regalia tutorials with host Juaquin Lonelodge have been very popular with you guys! As you might know, Juaquin is a former national Men's Fancy Dance champion and has many years of experience making regalia. We are all very fortunate to have him sharing his knowledge with us! In these two episodes from season 1, Juaquin shows us how to create a Boy's Fancy Apron. Making Regalia - Episode 9 - Boy's Fancy Apron from ...

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Foodways Explores Indigenous Cuisine in America

For years now Zagat has been the go to source for ratings and reviews for restaurants, nightlife, hotels and more. They recently started creating original videos about tasty treats and unique cuisines around the country. They've enlisted Jessica Sanchez, chef/owner of Miami's LOBA, to travel the country and examine various Foodways in America, where history, culture and tradition in food intersect. In episode 8, Sanchez visits a remote corner of Colorado known as Dunton Hot Springs. She visits with Executive Chef ...

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Calling All Native Youth – Let Your Talent Shine on Little Big Shots!

Have you guys seen the talent show Little Big Shots that airs on NBC? It's a talent show for kids only! Do you know an awesome kid out there with something special to share? Get them on the show! And don't worry, there's no ultimate winner here, just show off your gift for the world to enjoy! Casting is now taking place for the next season and they want the show to be ...

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Don’t Miss Any Updates on Facebook

Thanks to the thousands of you that follow on Facebook--over 500,000 of you! Unfortunately due to recent updates to Facebook, only a very small number of you see our updates.  When we post a new story, video, or photo now only about 4% of our fans will see the post. We know you don't want to miss any updates from!  Here's how to make sure you see all of our new posts first in your Facebook newsfeed. Your News ...

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Digging Roots New Song About Peace and Love

Husband and wife songwriting team Digging Roots (Raven Kanatakta and ShoShona Kish) have toured extensively across the globe and they're ready to release some new music into the world. In an interview with Noisey Canada, Raven talks about the meaning of their new song "AK-47" . “This song is very personal and emotional for us," says band member Raven Kanatakta, "Especially in the wake of the horrific events in Orlando this last ...

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Pow Wow Calendar Update – June 22, 2016

Check the list below for the latest Pow Wows added to our calendar and ones coming up in the next couple of weeks! Plan your Pow Wow trips! Upcoming Pow Wow 5th Annual Healing of the Nations Traditional Pow-wow June 25 - June 26 1555 S. Raisinville Rd., Monroe, MI - 48161 SUNNYBROOK NUMU HAAKHANA INTERTRIBAL POW WOW June 25 - June 26 20 JERSEYTOWN RD, DANVILLE, PA - 17821 LITTLE HANDS OF HOPE FOSTER CARE AGENCY 2nd Annual Benefit Powwow June 25 - June 25 4967 ...

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Hoop Dancer Serves As Ambassador for Deaf Children

Burton Bird might be deaf, but that hasn't stopped him from learning how to dance and being passionate about sharing the culture with others. Like most deaf or hearing impaired people, he can still feel the rhythm and vibrations from the music. “That’s how I learned, by the beat of the drum,” he says in an interview with the Saskatoon StarPhoenix. The youngest child of late Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Senator Allen Bird, he has always communicated through sign ...

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HOMEMADE GEOMETRIC DES. WOOL PENDLETON BEVER STATE BLANKET FABRIC TOTE SHAWL BAG LOW PRICE ON THIS NICE HOMEMADE GEOMETRIC DESIGN WOOL PENDLETON BEVER STATE BLANKET FABRIC TOTE SHAWL BAG!; This nice homemade geometric designs wool tote shawl bag features: magnetic closure black nylon straps Made from Pendleton blanket fabric of 82% pure virgin wool/18% cottonliner. 13 3/4"W x 14"H. This purse is in good condition with some slight wear on the top edge. This nice Pendleton bag is a great ...

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Larry Yazzie – Sharing Indigenous Culture with the World

I caught up with Larry Yazzie the founder of the successful dance troupe – Native Pride Dancers. Yazzie was in Albuquerque, New Mexico as part of the head staff at the Gathering of Nations pow-wow held in April every year. Yazzie started dancing at the tender young age of 7 years old, and now he is 49 years old. He learned how to dance by observing. He dances northern style fancy dance. “There are two types of Fancy Dance – Northern ...

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