Author: Toyacoyah Brown

No Pow Wow? No Problem! Make Your Own!

The resourcefulness of our youth! Check out this video that went viral on Facebook from Harriette Kistabish. It looks like they were visiting Pikogan, home of the Abitibiwinni First Nation located in Quebec, and stumbled upon some kids playing. The kids wanted a pow wow so they made their own!

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NY Times: A Conversation With Native Americans on Race

Great video from The New York Times’s Emmy-award-winning and Oscar-nominated short documentary series! In this series which explores the "Conversation on Race", filmmakers speak with Native Americans about identity, blood quantum and other issues. Message from the filmmakers: "Despite the broad spectrum of indigenous identities who participated in our conversation,...

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‘Follow the Rock’ Shines Spotlight on First Nations Basketball Tourney

CBC recently posted up a short doc called "Follow the Rock", which follows two players as they travel to and compete in the All Native Basketball Tournament is more than a competition. Nations don’t just bring their best basketball players — they bring their cultures as well. The tournament opens...

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