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Posted By Paul G July 4th, 2018 Blog

Enter to win a Pendleton Blanket!

The more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win!

AND share the contest with friends for even more entries. Enter below and follow the direction you receive in email.


Open to US residents only!

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41 thoughts on “Win a Pendleton Blanket – Giveaway

  1. Michelle Dyche says:

    I just want to say I enjoy attending all Gatherings. I love being around our Native People our bond is forever strong.

  2. I won’t to get to no more of my native American family.I’m so proud to be a tejano from or.I collect every thing I could of native american indian.which I love so much

  3. Rachel says:

    Long time o go to see pow wows it’s so beautiful you are a real people oll 5he best god bless you

  4. Margaret Klein says:

    I love Pow-Wow but can’t get to any of them,too far away from me. Glad I can see some on here and Facebook! ! I also enjoy the singers and drum groups as well!!!! Thank-You so much for posting them!!!!


  5. Danielle McPherson says:

    this beautiful blanket has harmonious colors of sand and sky and reminds me of New Mexico.

  6. Carol Kerr says:

    I would be honored to win this beautiful blanket. Thank You for the opportunity

  7. Joyce Vincent says:

    Each year, I purchase and donate Pendleton blankets to gift graduating Native Students at the local university near me. Now that I am retired (after 23 years of support Native students at UMASS Amherst). I have a more modest income. In addition,
    I help to co-founded the undergraduate and graduate Certificate Programs in Native Studies at the university. I already have blankets for the next 3 graduating undergraduates, but need blankets for the next three graduate students . Winning this blanket, will mean I only need to ask for help getting the last two blankets!

  8. Anthony Quezada says:

    This beautiful blanket it’s to remind us, that we were the first Americans in the U.S. of A.,
    A’HO brothers and sisters.🙏

  9. Barbara Graham says:

    The beauty and colors in this magnificent blanket gives me a warm fee
    ling of peace and love and how brave and courageous our ancestors were from the beginning of time to now with a new generation. I feel their strong , brave and loving spirits in this beautiful blanket of art.

  10. Such an honor to even look at. Very proud of my heritage. Thank you for the opportunity to even try to win this. I never win nothing, but am happy for whoever gets to add this beautiful blanket to their home.

  11. Dashona Godowa says:

    I really love how all of our heritages come together as one and celebrates something good or something special! I love the most that we all cone together as one and we dance for what we believe in!!

  12. Marla Williams Stine says:

    [email protected]
    Found your site looking for info on Hayward WI LOC PowWow! Oh the blanket is beautiful. I would be honored to have it in my home. Will be attending the LOC PowWow next Saturday in Hayward. So excited.

  13. Barbara Graham says:

    This magnificent blanket reflects the beauty and great spirit in the Native American people. I would be honored to receive this beautiful magnificent blanket because it’s spiritual value means so much to me and my family. My ancestors then, my Native American heritage now. I need to have this blanket to pass it to my children and their children. It’s their heritage as well.
    Peace and Blessings to all!

  14. Bill Smith says:

    Born and raised near Pendleton, OR. All Pendleton makes are highest quality. This lovely blanket is no exception. And it reflects the Native American value of loving the beautiful colors found in nature. Whomever wins this wins a great prize. Bill, in Spokane

  15. Barbara Graham says:

    This blanket shows the art and beauty and spirit of all Native American people. Again, I will be honored to receive this magnificent beautiful
    blanket to present to my family. I’m so excited!

    Again, Peace and Blessings to all

  16. Michelle says:

    I love seeing all the Regalia. Dances and hearing the drum beat. I love my Heritage. Proud Native here.

  17. Marjorie Reiter says:

    I entered prior contest and notified that I won. Asked to send address which I did. Haven’t seen my blanket or heard from you. I believe this is a rip off.

  18. marcy phillips says:

    I am Cherokee and Navaho and would love a this piece. I have never been to a pow wow. I have been looking for a location in my area to attend. Next one isn’t for another year.

  19. tony herndon says:

    I would also like to win the blanket but its lord creaters call on who wins the blanket may the spirits of our people live among us and the presents of them be felt and the joy that are still with us but just a spirit world we cant see we all are great warriors we all will always stand as one and not let any one run us over / Ditlihi

  20. osiyo would love to have the pretty blanket, such skills of the heart and spirit went into making this, I love the colors, Aisv-Na-va s0-niya-oo

  21. Joy Mansfield says:

    The Spirits really tell you soooo much at all your Pow Wows. Mother Earth says thank you also. Pow Wows are so very beautiful and put your mind in a wonderful peace world. Love them so much
    Joy Mansfield ( Have Native American in me and am very PROUD and HONORED)

  22. Gary Russell says:

    Pendleton has a Long relationship with First Nations Peoples and the Quality is supurb, Proud of my Heritage and would Cherish this imensley

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