Pendleton Blanket Giveaway – 2019 Gathering of Nations

Pendleton Blanket Giveaway – 2019 Gathering of Nations

Posted By Paul G April 6th, 2019 Last Updated on: April 9th, 2019

PowWows.com will stream the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow April 26-27. 2019.

Thanks to our friends at Pendleton, we are giving away 2 Pendleton Blankets!  

Enter below!

And be sure to come back during the Pow Wows – we will be adding more ways to enter during Gathering of Nations.

Pendleton Blankets

A Southwest-inspired wool blanket based on a weaving by Roselyn Begay. The warm, serene hues of this American-made blanket were inspired by the high desert landscape of Roselyn’s home. This blanket is first in our collectible Weavers Series, which features works created in partnership with artists. 

About the artist: Roselyn Begay is a renowned Navajo/Dine weaver who lives near Chinle, Arizona. Roselyn has been weaving for more than fifty years; some of her earliest memories are of watching her mother at her loom. Her work is available at trading posts and markets in Sedona, Teec Nos Pos, and Ganado.

This beautiful blanket is designed by celebrated weaver Mary Henderson, known for her intricate, complex creations based on traditional Navajo patterns. Embracing the timeless beauty of black, white and grey, this USA-made blanket looks stunning on a bed, sofa or hanging on a wall. This blanket is the second in our collectible Weavers Series, celebrating the artistry of contemporary weavers by interpreting their one-of-a-kind works into blanket designs. 

About the artist: Mary Henderson is a Navajo weaver from Sanostee, New Mexico. She is proud to carry on the traditions of her grandmother and mother, who taught Mary to weave when she was 12 years old. Mary has spent more than 40 years weaving, teaching and inspiring others. Her original weavings can be found at the Toadlena Trading Post in New Mexico.


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83 thoughts on “Pendleton Blanket Giveaway – 2019 Gathering of Nations

  1. I would give this to my near 96 yr old friend to use as a lap blanket while she cheers on the Pittsburg Penguins Hockey team. It is beautiful.

  2. Ilona Bergen says:

    This blanket looks beautiul. Duch a nice design from Mary Hendrson.

  3. Larosa D Cotton says:

    Would love to display the blanket on my wall…tell ppl its from gathering of the nations…..or just show it off at kids games lol….MBCI CHATA SIA ….

  4. Christine Sage says:

    Not being able to be there in person but to being a part on your website is just as close as in person. I would love to win a Pendleton from Gathering of Nations would be an honor.

  5. Judith Rhodes says:

    I would love to win a blanket, I would treasure it always. Thank you for the chance to win.

  6. Dawn Colbert says:

    They r both beautiful Paul, n much thanks to Pendleton, allowing this chance! I’d love to win one!

  7. Getting ready to go for chemo again & I not only think this blanket will somehow spiritually lift me up but also keep me warm as we get hot & cold Alot easier❤️❤️❤️ these blankets

  8. John Moran says:

    I lived with the Ute tribe but never had a Pendleton Blanket. I would be honored as an elder to have one on my couch or bed. Megetch.

  9. Denise YellowSolle says:

    Beautiful nice too just carry around the house stay nice and warm with the family.

  10. Belinda Peay says:

    My people blood so beautiful and I never win one the blanket 😔😔

  11. DEBBY DOHM says:

    Really appreciate the chance to win one of the blankets & love the design!!
    Love attending the Pow Wows, I have been to a couple in Michigan several times in the past few years.
    Honoring Our Veterans Pow Wow, Brimley MI & Kee-Boon-Mein-Kaa PowWow, Dowagiac MI

    I have a couple of very soft Indian design blankets that I have received for my donation to the Indian Schools
    St. Joseph’s Indian School, Chamberlain, South Dakota
    St. Labre Indian School, Ashland, Montana

  12. Santanna Shawanda says:

    Beautiful blankets I would love one for my wedding or a new baby blanket

  13. Debbie Little says:

    I will be honoured and delighted to hang this Pendleton Blanket in our home.

  14. Goldie Meadows says:

    beautiful. I love them all it could only add beauty and warmth to my home.

  15. Lady Wolf Lover says:

    I have tried I dont know how many times to enter for this Blanket that
    I would love to have but it will not let me. I tried again a little while ago
    and still nothing….What can I do?
    Thanks & Enjoy

  16. Melanie Bashaw says:

    We love these blankets, and would love to be able to take and show them off at our next pow wow. Beautiful work.

  17. Rebecca Salazar says:

    It’s a Pleasure to have a chance to try to win one of those magnificent covers

    • Cathy Legge says:

      Kwe ,I love your beautiful blankets ,you are a great artist !❤Welalin

  18. Lisa Borgstrom says:

    This would look fabulous in my classroom. I would love to share this art with my students. It will inspire their thinking and writing.

  19. MorningStar Nagle says:

    It is a Great Honor to be able to Enter to Win such a Stunning Pendleton Blanket here on Pow Wow. Com .
    Thank you and Many Blessings to all!
    MorningStar Nagle
    Miigwech ‘

  20. Crystal says:

    Beautiful blanket! It would be a wonderful to be able to win this blanket. Thank you for giving one away. Hope I win!

  21. Wendy Cline says:

    I would be truly honored to win and display this in my home! We are dedicating part of our renovation in the basement to American Indian heritage. My husband and I both have this in our bloodline.

  22. patricia ingle says:

    hope i win. The blanket is beautiful. It would be a keepsake. Thank you for giving one away.

  23. celeste poirier says:

    I would love to win! Have always wanted a Pendleton blanket, it would look good in our bedroom.

  24. It would be a honor to win one of these blankets. The love and work that goes into one of these works is astonishing. They are works of art. If I won that’s how I would treat it as a work of art. Also it would be the first thing that I ever won.

  25. Leslie Roberson says:

    It would be an honor to have a Pendleton blanket.
    Thank you for the consideration!

  26. Leslie says:

    It would be an honor to have a Pendleton blanket.
    Thank you for the consideration!

  27. Penny Carstens says:

    Every time I tried to share on Facebook or Twitter it just went blank or had a bunch of scrambled error letters .
    Still trying! 🙂

    • Leslie Roberson says:

      It would be an honor to have a Pendleton blanket.
      Thank you for the consideration!

    • Candice says:

      Would be honored to win this, in search of a Pendleton blanket to use at my wedding in May


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