Fire Pendleton Blanket – Enter To Win

Fire Pendleton Blanket – Enter To Win

Enter for your chance to win below!

The more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win.

Enter DAILY for even more entries.

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Last Updated on September 14, 2020 by Paul G

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Paul G is the founder, who wears many hats as a business coach, photographer, and collector of quirky shirts. Paul started in 1996 while pursuing his graduate degree. With a passion for travel, he and his family hav  traveled the world, capturing unforgettable memories and photos. When he's not coaching or clicking, he's indulging in the magic of Disney.

57 Comments on “Fire Pendleton Blanket – Enter To Win”

  • Avatar for Debra Shaw

    Debra Shaw


    Please enter me into the giveaway. Can’t find the link.

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      The link should be working now. Thanks!

  • Avatar for Bonnie Lieberman

    Bonnie Lieberman


    I would cherish this blanket. My grandfather was Coowusaliskee

  • Avatar for Faye Gowder

    Faye Gowder


    Love the blanket. A part of my heritage.

  • Avatar for Susan Piazza

    Susan Piazza


    Enter me into the sweepstakes. T.u.

  • Avatar for Alyssa Morin

    Alyssa Morin


    Cannot find entry form

  • Avatar for Eloise Kaneshiro

    Eloise Kaneshiro


    Soooooo…where is it?

  • Avatar for Michelle Kiernan

    Michelle Kiernan


    Best of luck to everyone! I hope the blanket finds the home that makes it happiest 🙂 has some amazing resources! Take care everyone <3

    • Avatar for Debbie Hughes

      Debbie Hughes


      Please enter me in the blanket give away

    • Avatar for Elizabeth Anne Cardinal

      Elizabeth Anne Cardinal


      How do I enter?
      A comment is an entry? Yes or No
      I’d Love to win this beautiful Pendleton blanket.
      Enter my name please 😊

  • Avatar for Cliff Sturtevant

    Cliff Sturtevant


    would love to win the blanket

  • Avatar for Mark Smith

    Mark Smith


    This pattern is stunning! Wanìshi, Paul, for all the great opportunities to win these beautiful blankets, and keep up the great work!

  • Avatar for Sandra Ellis

    There is no entry form cannot enter the contest

    • Avatar for clydia defreese

      clydia defreese


      I sent my census form in the day it came. I never put off important projects.

  • Avatar for Sandra Ellis

    Thhee is no entry form cannot enter the sweepstakes

    • Avatar for Velda



      You need to give it a minute to appear. Its kind of slow.

  • Avatar for Dennis Johnson

    Dennis Johnson


    My wife and I love to attend powwows. We learn so much about our heritage and our connection to the earth. Can hardly wait for their return!

  • Avatar for Aiyanna H

    Aiyanna H


    That blanket is absolutely stunning and I’m so happy I found this website I’ve been following the Facebook page for some time now and entering for this beautiful blanket all those extra entries I found the crafting part of this website and I got excited I’ve been trying to learn beading and stuff but I just can’t seem to get it fully but will one day every one of those extra entries I took time to go through and read most of it

  • Avatar for Marilyn Atcitty

    Marilyn Atcitty


    Enter for pendleton blanket 🤗

    • Avatar for Brandy Unruh

      Brandy Unruh


      Beautiful blanket. I would love to get this for my family

  • Avatar for Janis Caris

    the food recipes look great!!!

  • Avatar for Paula Cribb

    Paula Cribb


    Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful rug!!!

  • Avatar for Michael A Rosiak


    I found my grandparents birth certificates and found my great grand father on my NaNa’s side was Scottish ( Harper ) and on my grandpa’s side was Irish ( Stanton ). Both Great Grandmothers were 1/2 Native American and 1/2 Mexican. I feel very proud to be a small part of the Indian Nation. Thank you for all the wisdom; history and kindness you have shared with me. The Indian Nation is a Great Nation and will always be a great NATION. May God watch over you and be safe. Michael Adrian War Horse Harper-Rosiak

    • Avatar for Janet Bolling

      Janet Bolling


      Very nice site. I found some interesting links to crafts and cinnamon fry bread that I hope to try soon.

    • Avatar for Sonia Cruz

      I am so excited!!! Gorgeous ❤️

  • Avatar for Gayle Montana

    Gayle Montana


    I would love to win one of those blankets. Just beautiful.

  • Avatar for James McDonald

    James McDonald


    Hope 2 Win

  • Avatar for ben ehrlichman

    ben ehrlichman


    would really love to win one of these beautiful blankets

  • Avatar for Amy Grandjean

    Amy Grandjean


    My entry to win the blanket!!

    • Avatar for Rick



      Wish I could win one.

    • Avatar for Iibby Allinder

      Pendleton creates beautiful products

    • Avatar for Sonia Cruz

      Winner winner winner!??!
      A beautiful piece of history to treasure the arts of our brothers and sisters as handed down from the hearts of our ancestors.

  • Avatar for Paula Cribb

    Paula Cribb


    Thanks for all you do Paul!!!

  • Avatar for Melissa Ware

    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE(including me) XD

  • Avatar for Sylvia Benedict

    Sylvia Benedict


    great site!

  • Avatar for Sylvia Benedict

    Sylvia Benedict


    I think this is such a great idea…marketing!!!Beautiful blanket!!!!

  • Avatar for Lauren S. Valle

    I can’t enter either, the page don’t load it

  • Avatar for Lauren S. Valle

    I can’t enter the sweepstakes on this page either

  • Avatar for rachelle velasco

    rachelle velasco


    beautiful blanket! 😍

    • Avatar for Benny Summerfield

      Benny Summerfield


      3 thoughts: beautiful, excellent native design, and heirloom worthy.

  • Avatar for selina sixkiller

    selina sixkiller


    Just want to ask all tribes who read this to keep my son’s family in prayers he, girlfriend and two children were in a crash on I-8 Sept.1 in Wellton AZ near Yuma,Az. At this time granddaughter Damiani Sixkiller still in Phoenix Children’s Hospital with dad Jason Parfait by her side my grandson Chase Sixkiller home with me, mom in a Phoenix hospital as well in my language Wa-Do

  • Avatar for John Berry

    John Berry


    These are fantastic designs that speak to the soul of the designer.

  • Avatar for David Birmingham

    David Birmingham


    It says enter daily above the entry form and on one line entry, but the rules which are legally binding say “You May Only Enter Once” which is it? one or the other must be removed.

  • Avatar for Sherry



    From the Pacific Northwest and live in east now. Miss it back there and love Pendleton blankets!

  • Avatar for Edward Nelson

    Edward Nelson


    I love watching powwows and the singing and dancing . I get very emotional while watching.

  • Avatar for Libby Allinder

    The pendleton fire legend blanket is absolutely beautiful, with all the different colors.
    It should be proudly displayed.

  • Avatar for ben ehrlichman

    ben ehrlichman


    Beautiful blanket and would be a fantastic win !!

  • Avatar for Sheila DeLeon

    Sheila DeLeon


    Beautiful Blanket.

  • Avatar for Sandra Ellis

    i cannot enter the sweepstakes there is no entry form

    • Avatar for Lee Henderstein

      I actually have this pattern almost exactly in a jacket that I wear when in woods for sacred ceremony and prayers. I would love to have a blanket like this. Thank you for the opportunity.A’ho

    • Avatar for Sheila



      Thank you for the opportunity to be able to mabe receive such a beautiful gift. I have arthritis and Copd and cold weather is starting. Seems to be harder to keep warm. I will treasure the gift of the blanket while watching virtual Pow Wows and dream of being at one again with my friend Blue Sky who passed many years ago. I so love the shawl dancers and listening to the drums and singing and closing my eyes so I can drift back in memories. Thank you for this chance. Sheila True

    • Avatar for Shelley Butcher

      Shelley Butcher


      It would be really nice if Canada was allowed to enter.

  • Avatar for Janette Casey

    My Dad which died 9 yrs ago he said I was SilverFox & Soc. Tribe my father has never lied to me ever.i know I have Irish as well.

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