Explore Native – 2020 Native American Heritage Giveaway

Explore Native – 2020 Native American Heritage Giveaway

Posted By Paul G October 31st, 2020 Last Updated on: October 31st, 2020

Explore Native will show you ways to Explore Native American Culture during Native American Heritage Month.

Whether you are a Pow Wow dancer, a Native American scholar, or just someone interested in Native Culture, Explore Native will provide you new ways to learn about this vibrant culture.

The contest below will challenge you to Explore Native Culture in new ways!

When you enter the contest, you'll be added to a special email newsletter.  Each day during November, you'll receive an email about Native American culture.  In each email, you'll get a special code.  Enter these codes each day into the contest form for special entries.

We will also post the codes on social media – keep an eye for them!

Good Luck!


  • 1st Place – Warrior Up 8th Generation Blanket
  • 2nd Place – $100 Amazon.com Gift Card
  • 3rd Place – $50 Pow Wow Shop Gift Card
  • 4th Place – All My Relations Hoodie
  • 5th Place – Pow Wow Face Mask 

8th Generation

Thanks to 8th Generation for being a sponsor of this contest!

About 8th Generation

“Inspired Natives, not “Native-inspired.”

Eighth Generation is the first Native-owned company to produce wool blankets and is owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe. We offer an ethical alternative to “Native-inspired” art and products through our mission to empower artists and 100% Native designed products. Our Inspired Natives Project, anchored by the tagline “Inspired Natives, not Native-inspired,” builds business capacity among cultural artists while addressing the negative impacts of cultural appropriation.

Warrior Up Blanket

A collaboration with Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, one of the nation’s oldest Native philanthropic organizations, this blanket highlights the mighty Yellowhammer Flicker, a powerful medicine being that links Earth and Sky with each new day.

This blanket was designed with Kateri Masten (Yurok) and Chisa Oros (Zuni/Yoeme). The flicker is centered above seven descending horizontal lines, representing the concept of “seven generations” and carrying lessons of knowledge and new beginnings. The outer edges are bordered with two Yurok basket designs, the swallowtail and butterfly. The prominence of black in the design signifies wisdom and respect for the Ancestors, while the blue represents water. 

Entry Form


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36 thoughts on “Explore Native – 2020 Native American Heritage Giveaway

  1. Diana Leanne Roberts-Elza says:

    I tried to enter the code in the lastest email and it said invalid.

  2. Alexa Nernberg says:

    The blanket is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway and for achance to win. Season’s Greetings.

  3. Paula Cribb says:

    Tried to enter code 3157 as found in the e-mail this morning. It says it is invalid.

  4. Linda Chapman says:

    Thanks Paul for all your hard work and I hope you have fun playing disc golf! I’ll have to look that up 🙂

    I just started a petition on Change.org named. ” Free Leonard Peltier” …no quotes are used in the petition.
    So please whoever sees this and agrees.. Please visit and sign the petition..lets get this finally done!
    Free the man who stood up and helped and lost his freedom for it!
    Thank you relatives!

  5. Paula Cribb says:

    Paul where can we find extra entries to the contest other than e-mail? Thank you!

    • Linda Chapman says:

      Hi Paula, when you go to the page where you enter your codes you will find a long list of ways to get more entries. On this main page here where you are at now. You need to put your name and email addy ..hit enter and it takes you to the page where you can enter your codes and see all the other wonderful ways to get more!
      Hope that helps!

  6. Carolyne Lain says:

    Got bonus code 3502 from Pow Wow Nation’s FB page. When I tried to enter it, I got the message that it was an invalid number.

  7. Annette Murphy says:

    Thank you for this give away!! Not only for the beautiful blanket, but for the educational opportunities and all the other resources that are being made available.

    • Good morning 🙋🏽‍♀️ I’m happy to have found this website😊🎉 looking forward to winning!

  8. Diana Leanne Roberts-Elza says:

    Thank you so much for both the Giveaway and all of the useful links and information!!

  9. Tamara M Tanner says:

    been trying to win, enter often but you make it harder and harder…please tell me why….you do know people will start hating the site….(not me) but still am curious why you make it so difficult…

  10. Jessie Lynn benton says:

    I can’t find where to put the code from tonight’s video:( and I filled out the form and then accidentally clicked something and got lost came back and it shows a new form I don’t think I even entered let alone got the bonus entries I am a sad sack now

    • Hinemoa Manuel says:

      Kia ora (greetings in Maori)
      I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing here!
      I have entered in the chance to win the 8th Generation beautiful Warrior up Blanket.
      I was sent my first Bonus Code ”3157” but wasn’t quite sure how to enter the code so I used this platform field.

      Warm regards

  11. Ms. WYSPER J Harris says:

    I am very pleased our customers are being recognized. I am 76 years old of Osage, Choctaw, Cherokee, Seminole. Stolen at birth, now enjoying my heritage. Ms. Wysp

  12. Michelle says:

    I bookmarked a lot of these pages to go back to later. This is all beautiful and informative. Thank you.

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