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‘Follow the Rock’ Shines Spotlight on First Nations Basketball Tourney

CBC recently posted up a short doc called "Follow the Rock", which follows two players as they travel to and compete in the All Native Basketball Tournament is more than a competition. Nations don’t just bring their best basketball players — they bring their cultures as well. The tournament opens...

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Former Miss Central Navajo Pre-Teen Shares Her ‘Canyon Life’ on National Geographic

Recently found this short doc featured on National Geographic's YouTube page. I know you guys will enjoy this! From the film's synopsis: Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly National Monument is a place where many Navajo families come to reconnect with their roots. The area was once inhabited by Ancient Puebloans and...

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Artist Louie Gong Brings Authentic Native American Art To Mainstream Business

One of our favorite Native entrepreneurs was recently interviewed by NPR station KUOW and featured on All Things Considered! In the interview, he talks about the importance of helping other Natives navigate through the business world, be it social media marketing or collaborating with non-Native entities. "In native communities, we...

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