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American Dakota Rug Giveaway – Enter To Win

Enter to win an American Dakota Rug! Thanks to our friends at American Dakota for providing this awesome prize! Prize 5x8 Rustic Cross- electric nylon area rug from American Dakota. Value: $369.95 [gallery link="file" size="gallery-y" columns="2" ids="89048,89049,89050,89051"] About American Dakota American Dakota is not just a rug company, it's a...

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Our Favorite Places to Shop for Native Products

As you might have seen from past articles and gift guides, we love supporting our Native & First Nations entrepreneurs! We wanted to put a spotlight on some of these amazing Native-owned and First Nations-owned businesses that might not get the attention they deserve. Also on the list are some...

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BEAUTIFUL HAND CRAFTED GREEN RIBBONWORK DESIGN NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN SKIRT, DRAG PIECE, AND DANCE SHAWL SET This homemade Native American Indian set includes a ribbonwork design skirt, ribbonwork design drag piece, and ribbonwork design dance shawl. This dance set is homemade and is well made. The set was made by...

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Native American Foods Throughout The United States

From acorn bread to fry bread, succotash to beef stew, Native American cuisine has been a staple in homes across America for centuries. Today, these traditional dishes are still consumed in homes and restaurants throughout the country, some stick to the classic recipes, and some put a modern twist on...

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Mohawk Fashion with a Modern Twist

“I have to have some type of creative outlet. I think life is boring without creativity.” Fashion designer, Stacey Mitchell, is promoting Native culture through the use of materials, designs, and accessories that portray the history of her Mohawk community, yet simultaneously show where the future of the community is...

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Free Email Series: What to Expect at Your First Pow Wow