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2017 Pow Wow Calendar

The calendar on is the most comprehensive listing available for Native American Pow Wows.   Our Pow Wow calendar includes over 1,000 Native American events listed each year.  Every weekend somewhere in the United States or Canada there is a Pow Wow happening.  You can Our Pow Wow calendar...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting a Pow Wow or any cultural experience for the first time can be overwhelming.  You will see new dances, hear new songs, and hear new terms and abbreviations. We have compiled a list of our frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your first visit or to learn...

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American Dakota Rug Giveaway – Enter To Win

Our friends at American Dakota produce amazing rugs with designs inspired and designs by Native American artists. We are a small rug company with an entrepreneurial spirit. We specialize in lodge, Southwest, sometimes unconventional designs. When possible we seek relationships with Indigenous artists in order to build a collaborative rug...

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The Food of Mall of America

I was invited to spend 4 days at the Mall of America as part of their MinNoCoata program.  The Mall is trying to show that you can come to Minnesota and enjoy their stores and attractions in the middle of winter.  AND I did it with no coat! Part of...

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Watch Northern Cree at the 2017 Grammy Awards

Northern Cree was invited to perform at the 2017 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California.  The 7 time Grammy nominated group performed on February 12, 2017 as part of the Grammy Pre-Show. In case you missed it, Northern Cree were invited to perform at the GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony, which...

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On The Road – Mall of America

The Mall of American is Bloomington, Minnesota has invited me to spend the weekend enjoying the shopping, attractions, and restaurants in the largest mall in the United States.  This weekend they invited a few other bloggers and myself to take part in their MinNoCoata program. No, MinNoCoata isn't the Indian...

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