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Native American Turquoise Jewelry | History of Native American Jewelry

Archaeologists have found evidence of the native people and what would become America creating jewelry from the stones, shells, and other natural materials as far back as 10,000 years ago. As the millennia went on, turquoise jewelry became one of the more prominent varieties made specifically by tribes in the...

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Top Native American Documentaries – Learn The Real Story of Native Culture in History and Today

Learning with documentary movies and TV series captures the mind and helps you experience the truth about a particular time, place, or people in a more engaging way. Native American documentaries have shown glimpses of both historical events, individuals, and current issues that have to do with the first nation's...

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Wanted – Social Media Influencers

Do you have an active following on Instagram or Facebook? We are looking to work with a select social media influencers to help promote PowWows.com! The influencer team will do the following: Share PowWows.com's photos, stories, articles with their following Create posts about PowWows.com's features, webcasts, etc Create Pow Wow...

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