Native American Books and Authors

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Native American culture through the voices of its most captivating storytellers. Find a diverse range of books by Native American authors, celebrating the heritage, traditions, and contemporary experiences of Indigenous peoples. Whether you're seeking historical narratives, modern fiction, poetry, or educational resources, our selection offers a profound journey into the heart and soul of Native American life. Discover stories that resonate with wisdom, resilience, and a deep connection to the land. Start exploring today and enrich your understanding of America's first peoples through the power of literature.

Explore a curated collection of traditional and contemporary items, from art and jewelry to clothing and accessories, and embrace the opportunity to purchase unique pieces that celebrate Native American craftsmanship and culture.

Find a diverse array of artistic expressions, from music and dance to visual arts and storytelling, offering a unique opportunity to engage with and support the indigenous artistic community.

Top 10 Native American Children’s Books

Whether bedtime stories or late weekend book reading, it is always delightful for young ones to indulge their little minds in stories with superheroes, mermaids, and other fantasies.  Make sure to include books from indigenous authors! Our top 10 Native American children’s books help develop imagination and teach lessons from stories about people, nature, culture,….

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