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Paula Fough

Hi I will be visiting in Manhattan, New York and Englewood, New Jersey between May 1 – 11, 2019. Will there be any Pow wow events during that tie and where.

I love my native heritage the Cherokees.

ubaldo lozada moreno

I am Colombian journalist. I live in McKinney Texas. I am searching information to do reportage about Pow wow. I am interested for write about folclore, culture, dances, maybe to do interview to some indigenous leader or chief.

Could you please let me know:

What is the largest Pow wow and the most important in Nort America?

What is other important pow wow which I can do the reportage?

Coud you please give me the contact whit any national leader who can give me information?

– How many tribes will have representation in Pow wow?

– can I to take pictures, videos, doing interview?

Benita Swanson

My boyfriend and I will be vacationing in Montana in October in the Arlee area. Can you please tell me if there are any pow wows in that area in October. Thanks.

Chesley Kemp

I am mixed blood. I go to more than 10 pow wows a year. My dress is “precolumbian” before the invasion. I made my buckskin attire. I dance all intertribal dances. I want to share God’s love and keep the culture alive. My new Shawnee words are ni’theetha, older brother and ni’thiimeetha, younger sibling. Peshalo, take care ches


Hi! My name is Kolyah from The real Tribe of Judah (Israelites) and some Native (Israelites) roots. I would like to know how far back do Native Americans know about their history? It seems to be more interesting information out there than what’s been dished out in the history books. There’s other old books including THE HOLY BIBLE (1611 King James Verse Bible) and a book called The Apocrypha out there that could shine brightly about true ancient history that’s been hidden in plain sight. Like others from my tribe are waking up to the truth about who people call falsely The so called African Americans (Negros) which are spread throughout the four corners of the world and so called Native Americans and The Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and there’s more people you have to go on the internet to find out the others people. I’m still learning about the others. Go to The YouTube channel and look up Pastor Omar Thibeaux. He gives out very useful information. There’s good people all around the world and some of them don’t know the truth. And the bad people are trying to hide the truth. The real Israelites today come in many shades. If we repent of our sins as a people. To THE MOST HIGH/OUR FATHER/JESUS THE CHRIST. We will be restored to our rightful place and their will be true peace around the world. You don’t have to take my word for it. It’s in those books. If you follow these books and listen to the Pastor and a few people on the internet, YouTube ect,. You will find out those people in the land are not the true people in the land. If you think about it really careful remember if they was the people why is there no peace around the world. Don’t let the wrong people and evil people trick you gentiles. Some of you are waking up as well. THE MOST HIGH/THE FATHER/JESUS THE CHRIST has a NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH for who he chooses to be in his KINGDOM. ALL PRAYES TO THE FATHER!!!! 💝

Virginia Nelson

Hello Daryl Porn
I have to say I just went to the San Bernardino University powwow that just passed , I was so excited about it because I have some Native American in me but it was so unfriendly I am sure most are not unfriendly but happened to be a few that I had talk to , I felt a little hurt but reading your reply to some people here was so warm and friendly it makes me feel really good to know that you’re someone willing to help us that are looking , I too am looking for my tribe just want to know who I am . I Did a DNA it says that I am 56% Native American my childhood my mother always said we had Native American in us I have been doing a family tree that took me years and it seems I just don’t know what I’m doing maybe you can help me . Virginia



I am really interested in learning about Native Americans. I’ve moved to the states 19 years ago. I did go to college and took all history classes even though, I never liked history, just because Native history was very interesting and intrigued me to learn more about them. Since then, I’ve have been trying to learn more about them. My co-worker told me about Pow Wow but I never get a chance to attend any of these events. I live in San Diego. Last month I attended an event where they celebrated a new church by Barona Casino. The view was amazing, the atmosphere was very relaxing. I asked around if hiking was allowed in those areas. I was told that it was risky.
I would like to learn more about the Native Americans rich history and culture. I don’t want to invade their privacy and I am very sensitive and respectful to their culture.
Please if any one can advice me please text at 619 381 4447 or email me at [email protected]

Felicia Fox

Osiyo, Is there anyone from the Waccamaw or the Catawba Tribes in South Carolina? I know y’alls Pow wows are coming up soon…😎 Name is Spiderhawk or just Spider 🕷 to my friends can you email me at [email protected] Wado

tweety byrd

i would like to have more information on all pow wows going on around the country or elsewhere.

David mcdaniel

Dear friend I too have native american ancestry. My fathers mother was full blood cherokee even saw a picture of her .my uncle says that our family was caught up in the trail of tears. Only information i got was by word of mouth. If i had not seen picture of my dads mother i would not have believed anything. Do you think i should persue with my search? I love being around native americans they always make me feel welcome. If you could help me i would greatly appreciate it. Live with love in your heart my friend. Sincerely dave mcdaniel

Nana T

Look up something on internet called Dawes Rolls . It is lists of natives forced to go to Oklahoma. Some names are hard to read but you can see some real good.

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