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Posted By Paul G August 23rd, 2012


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  1. Robyn White Swan says:

    Hi I am interested in the article on the Porcupine quill earrings from the Michigan Indians.

  2. Rosemary Deno says:

    I know that my mom Has Native blood. Her dad my grandpa. Was full blood Native. For the past year. I have been trying to find out what kind or type of Native. I have been given many kinds. I thought there was but one kind. I don’t understand. I get people asking me if I am Native. Many people .. I am not ashamed. Just would like to know. Who and where I belong.

  3. Dear friend I too have native american ancestry. My fathers mother was full blood cherokee even saw a picture of her .my uncle says that our family was caught up in the trail of tears. Only information i got was by word of mouth. If i had not seen picture of my dads mother i would not have believed anything. Do you think i should persue with my search? I love being around native americans they always make me feel welcome. If you could help me i would greatly appreciate it. Live with love in your heart my friend. Sincerely dave mcdaniel

    • Nana T says:

      Look up something on internet called Dawes Rolls . It is lists of natives forced to go to Oklahoma. Some names are hard to read but you can see some real good.

  4. tweety byrd says:

    i would like to have more information on all pow wows going on around the country or elsewhere.

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