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Top 5 Tools for Tracing Your Family History

After you’ve gotten started tracing your family heritage, you may find yourself at a standstill. Information from family members can only get you so far; we can’t depend on everyone in our lives to be excellent record-keepers of the past. At some point in your genealogy research, you’ll likely have...

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Researching Native American Heritage

Why Research Your Native American Heritage Regardless of whether you are already a Native American enrolled with either a Federal or State Recognized Tribe, this is a wonderful assignment.  There is always new history and information to find out about your Family, Band, Clan, Tribe, and Nation.  Also, never rely...

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Should I Hire A Professional Genealogist?

The world has become an open place that information can be easily gotten by anybody from anywhere at any time. You might even find yourself asking “What do I need a professional genealogist for?” There are many reasons you need to hire a professional genealogist when building your family tree...

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