Ashlee Dondero, Big Pine and Mono Lake Paiute Beader!

Beadwork makes Powwow regalia distinct and recognizable. Dancers carefully choose the colors and designs that will distinguish them in the Circle. Vendors spend whole seasons beading in order to sell their art on the Powwow Trail. Ashleee Dondero shares her perspective on beading, drawn from her Big Pine and Mono Lake Paiute heritage! Interview by Dawn Karima, Native ...

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Help! Southern Californians, Look Out for This Lost Regalia

Pow Wow Dancer Chuck Cadotte accidentally left his pow wow regalia on top of his car and drove away before he noticed it wasn't in the car. According to East County Magazine he was on his way out of San Diego when "a box containing the regalia festooned with many eagle feathers fell off the roof of his vehicle somewhere along his pre-dawn route this morning, which stared at Balboa ...

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Congratulations! Enoch Cree Nation Woman Wins Mrs. Universe!

If you didn't already have one, here she is, your new #wcw (woman crush wednesday)! Ashley Callingbull (married name Burnham) has been a regular in the beauty pageant scene for some time now. She was the only First Nations contestant in the 2010 Miss Canada pageant and was recently a finalist in the 2013 Miss Canada pageant. Last week she made history by becoming the first Canadian AND the first First Nations ...

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What Makes Stacey Red Horse A Native Superhero?

"I come from a long line of strong Lakota Warriors," Stacey Red Horse muses.  "I am a descendant of Chief Red Horse who fought along side Chief Sitting Bull in the Battle of Little Big Horn," he continues. Warrior Spirit shows in his own life as a Veteran, BodyBuilder and Entrepreneur. learns from this proud Lakota and discovers what it means to be a Native Superhero! ...

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Back to School Blessings: Words of Wisdom from Native Leaders

by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor As summer fun gives way to football and lazy days make way for school bells, the new school year feels like a new year! As students, teachers and leaders re-enter the classroom, it helps to remember a Native perspective on what it means to be "educated" and "wise" in tribal societies.  Happy New School Year! 1) It was our belief that the love of ...

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Darren Thompson: Ojibwe Flute player selected as Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation Artist in Residence

Hailing from the Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe reservation in Northern Wisconsin, Darren Thompson has been a well-known artist since his debut album in 2009, "The Song of Flower: Native American Songs from Ojibwe Country”, as well as being a sought-after public speaker, educator and facilitator. He started playing the flute while in his undergraduate studies at Marquette University in the early 2000’s, citing that it helped him focus while ...

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2015 Indigenous Music Awards Live Webcast

Watch the awards show LIVE on View the Live Webcast Facebook Event Page Indigenous Music Awards - September 11, 2015 8:00 p..m. - MTS Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada The name Manito Ahbee was gifted to the festival through ceremony, and is connected to its sacred site name sake. Manito Ahbee is one of the most important and significant traditional Aboriginal gathering sites in all of Turtle Island (North America). The Manito Ahbee site is located in the western Whiteshell area of Manitoba, and marks ...

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Pow Wow Calendar Update – August 26, 2015

Check the list below for the latest Pow Wows added to our calendar and ones coming up in the next couple of weeks! Plan your Pow Wow trips! Upcoming Pow Wow 15th Annual Santa Rosa Day's Pow wow & Gathering August 29 - August 30 TBA, TBA, TBA Healing Mother Earth, 7th Annual Intertribal—traditional Powwow August 28 - August 30 3924 Maple Rd., Jefferson, OH - 44047 Cha Cha Bah Ning 35th Traditional Pow Wow August 28 - August 30 21 mi N of Deer River MN ...

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Bead Weaver Karron Pulliam Farias!

"Well, I knew I wasn't all white because at my High school students would ask," Karron Pulliam Farias explains, "So, I asked dad what was that all about and he told me we were Native Americans." This beader is popular on the powwow trail and states, "So, I began researching and I met a very kind Native American beader who showed me how to start and over the years I have just ...

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2015 Hunting Moon Pow Wow

Watch the 2015 Hunting Moon Pow Wow LIVE on On October 16–18 the 10th Annual Hunting Moon Pow Wow will be held at the newly named UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena (former US Cellular Arena) at 400 W. Kilbourn Avenue in downtown Milwaukee. The dance competitions are a treat for the eyes. From the intricate footwork and graceful movements to the beautiful regalia worn by the dancers, spectators will delight in these traditional dances. The drumming and singing are a splendor for ...

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