Pow Wow Calendar Update – April 15, 2015

Check the list below for the latest Pow Wows added to our calendar and ones coming up in the next couple of weeks! Plan your Pow Wow trips! Upcoming Pow Wow 51st Annual Hozhoni Days Pow Wow April 17 - April 18 1000 Rim Drive, Durango, CO - 81301 2015 Gathering of Nations April 24 - April 25 Avenida Cesar Chavez & University Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM - 87131 2015 Madison College Pow-Wow April 25 - April 25 1701 Wright Street, Madison, WI - 53704 32nd Annual ...

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Miss Indian Arizona…A True Native Ambassador!

Miss Indian Arizona! Articulate, athletic and aspiring, the reigning Miss Indian Arizona is an amazing ambassador! Shasta Dazen, White Mountain Apache, loves the powwow life and being a Princess. She shares her journey with us here at Powwows.com! Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor Q) Congratulations! You are truly a beauty, inside and out! Please tell us about yourself? What do you want us to know about ...

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No More Spilled Beads! All Beaders Need To Order This Now!

If you've done any beading you've had it happen! Spilled beads! All those beautiful colors now in one big pile on the floor! I've tried keeping them in the containers while beading, Tried dozens of different containers, but it still happens.  They always end up on the floor. Now here's the solution! YouTube user PowWow Bling posted a review of the Beadsmith Sticky Bead Mat. See ...

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What It’s Like To Grow Up in the Powwow Circle and Not Come From a Powwow Family

Without a doubt, at every powwow, they will be noticed; the kid with a mismatched outfit and either Tandy Leather Factory moccasins or simply socks and shoes. Like all little kids, they don't care what they look like, how they come off to people or what they do - they dance simply to dance. I was that child. I didn't come from an extensive line of dancers, no one in my family ...

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Do You Want to See Black Bear Singers Again at GON?

Folks from all over North America will be convening in Albuquerque for the Gathering of Nations pow wow soon. And what fun would a pow wow without the drum groups? The Black Bear Singers from Manawan, Quebec are hoping to make the trek again for this year's event. As you can imagine it costs quite a bit to travel! Someone has set-up a GoFundMe page to help offset travel costs. So if you can help out, any little bit helps ...

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Native American Lavender Shawl Dancer Beaded Earring (Handmade, Indian Beadwork) – eBay find of the week

Native American Lavender Shawl Dancer Beaded Earrings Native American Beaded Wire Hook Earrings. Materials: Hex Beads Tribe: Navajo Size: 1 1/2" x 1" Click here to buy

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How Do You Get Ready for Gathering of Nations?

One of our favorite Native comedians, Charlie Ballard, will be a host at Stage 49 this year at Gathering of Nations. Charlie's mom recently made some funny videos showing how she prepares for Gathering of Nations. It looks comedy runs deep in this family! Take a look. Don't lie, I know some of you shop like this all the time! LOL! Got to save yourself a good seat with a view ...

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Celebrity Sightings at 17th Annual Chumash Day Pow Wow – Gary Busey and Saginaw Grant

Do you recognize the man in the video? It's none other than actor Gary Busey at the 17th Annual Chumash Day Powwow. According to this video, the lead singer of Bear Springs asked Busey to join in with them. It looks like he's having the time of his life. Busey isn't the only celeb that has shown up to this Malibu, California pow wow. Saginaw Grant was this year's Head Gourd Dancer....

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5 Reason You Have To Visit Gathering Of Nations Pow Wow!

The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is just a few days away! Gathering is THE largest Pow Wow in North America. I've seen people posting online listing all the reasons to avoid Gathering of Nations.  It's too crowded, it's too commercialized, it's too expensive - you've seen these posts.  Despite the issues, this is a Pow Wow you have to visit at least once. Here are the reason you have to visit ...


Northern Arapaho Artist Robert Martinez Makes Masterpieces!

Robert Martinez, Northen Arapaho Artist! Robert Martinez expresses his heritage though his art!...

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