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With 950,000+ followers, brings your Pow Wow to a global audience.

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We archive all the footage of your Pow Wow – allowing viewers to relive their favorite moments. Showcase your event for years to come!

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During your Pow Wow, we provide:

4 on-site cameras so your audience always has the best seat

• Wireless cameras to capture all the action including the drums

• Starlink Internet to stream from anywhere

Monitored Chat Room to engage your audience

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Take advantage of the audience to build awareness and grow your event. We promote your event through our social media channels.

Numbers from past Gathering of Nations Live Stream

✔ 2.2 Million social media reach

✔ 331,000 live-stream views

✔ 161 countries

✔ 2,129,715 minutes watched

✔ 501,400 Facebook likes


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Where everyone can experience and explore Native American culture

After attending his first Pow Wow in the early ’90s, Paul Gowder created to share his Pow Wow experiences online. started streaming in 2004!  Our team has over 20 years of experience streaming Pow Wows.  

Live Stream Production Team

  • Mike Gabbard
    Delaware Tribe of Indians, Northeastern Oklahoma
  • Delores Gabbard
    Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, Manitoba
  • Ryan McDonnell
    Seminole Descent

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I can only express my spiritual happiness for the Live Stream Pow Wows in humble words. Mere words do not have the capacity to explain how much the Live Stream Pow Wows have enriched my life.


To be in the moment with everyone else as it is happening, to see and hear and feel what everyone there does. When it is not possible for many to attend a Pow Wow, ‘Live' streaming is the ultimate best.

David B


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