The Sacred From Melvin War Eagle

Posted By Paul G April 19th, 2018 Blog is excited to announce a partnership with Melvin War Eagle for shirts, sweatshirts, and other merchandise.  Mr. War Eagle has provided you'ers will an exclusive design!  Be sure to visit his store for even more designs!

The Sacred

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For Generations, women were viewed as the backbone of the People (Oyate). It was well known, among the Lakota, that Women Societies would be asked to give their options on many issues before the Male Leaders would make a final decision. This was because Men were seen as short distance thinkers (looking at the here and now), where a Women would be seen as having long-term thinking, understanding how an action would affect the people (the youngest to the eldest) as a whole.

This same concept can be seen today in Native Society, for a woman brings balance to the Tribe. This design was created to celebrate Women, the Sacred being, the backbone to the people and those of the future generations.

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