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Star Wars Trivia
1. What was broken on the first R2 unit that Uncle Owen bought?
2. What did Luke want to pick up instead of cleaning the droids?
3. What did Uncle Owen do for a living?
4. Before they droids escaped to Tatooine, who was their owner?
5. What did Ben imitate to save Luke from the Sand People?

6. When Luke was patroling on the Taun Taun in Empire Strikes Back, what was his call sign?
7. Who was the commander of the Rebel Base on Hoth?
8. Who was the general who brief the pilots for the attack on the first Death Star?
9. Who was the dancer in Jabba's palace that was killed by the Rancor?
10. What was the name of the ship that Vader attacked at the beginning of Star Wars?

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