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Collecting Trivia
1. Blue Snaggletooth came in the Sears Cantina only.
2. One of IG-88's rifle is not used by any other character.
3. The first cards had 12 figures pictured.
4. The four are Ewok Playset, Snowspeeder, Survival Kit and Millieum Falcon.
5. The two snow scenes used the same base, Jabba's Dungeon the Droid Factory had the same base with a different color.
6. There is only one version of Darth Vader.
7. No figure was made of Wedge.
8. The five were Princess Liea, Bousch, Hoth, Cloud City, and Forest outfit.
9. Ben, Darth, and Luke came with this type of lightsaber. Although Ben and Darth are very rare.
10. All of these except Darth Vader were offered as mail-ins.


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