Youth in the Circle:Cheyenne Softwinds

Posted By PowWows.com June 21st, 2015 Last Updated on: June 21st, 2015

Youth Jingle Dancer Cheyenne Softwinds!

Youth Jingle Dancer Cheyenne Softwinds!

Young People are Powwows' Beautiful Future! Jingle Dancing requires prayers, persistence and practice! Powwows.com met with a Teen, who is eager to aid others with hope and healing each time she sidesteps in the Circle!

Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor

Cheyenne Softwinds and her charming Mom enjoy the Powwow Life!

Cheyenne Softwinds and her charming Mom enjoy the Powwow Life!

DK: In this day and age, it's fantastic to meet a Teen trying to celebrate her culture! Will you introduce yourself to us please.

CS:My name is Cheyenne Softwinds Nordin and I am Cherokee/Chippewa by heritage. I dance Jingle and
I started dancing when I was 12!

DK:I danced Jingle my whole life until I switched to Women's Southern Cloth after my Nana passed away. Now, I'm switching back to Jingle! So, I'm excited to learn about your Jingle journey!

CS:I started jingle dancing when I was 13, because I grew up around powwows and always wanted to dance. At 13,the dream of the jingle dress came to me and my grandma always wanted me to dance at a young age, but she passed on before I had my dream, so I had to make my jingle dress purple in her honor. The hummingbirds in my regalia are for my Aunt Janice, who also passed on. She taught me everything I know about my heritage and the Native American culture.

DK: Well, what's YOUR ideal powwow? Why do you dance at Powwows?

CS: A good drum, good drummers is what makes a good powwow. The drummers bring in the heartbeat and without it we would have nothing to dance to. To me dancing means freedom and it means that its no longer illegal to express yourself as a Native American. Dancing gives me hope, motivation and a way to connect with my ancestors.

DK: Do you feel a spiritual connection as a Jingle Dress Dancer?
CS: Becoming a jingle dress dancer has been one of the most spiritually rewarding journeys I have ever been on.

DK: Good medicine! Why do you think the next generation should join you in the circle?

CS:It's important that the next generation realizes what it means to be Native American and how lucky we are to still be here so that the traditions can live on.

DK: What are some of your future goals now that you are…17, right?

CS: I am 17. One of my future goals is to inspire the next generation to take pride in their native culture as well as stop native racism in public schools and prove that natives are still around.

DK:What are some of the things you think make a good jingle dancer?

CS: To dance with their heart to always believe in what their doing and to keep passing traditions on as they were passed on to you.

DK: Good words! Please continue to practice, pray and stay humble! Thank you!

CS: Thank YOU!

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