Young Thunder: A Visit With Cameron Osceola of the Osceola Brothers Band

Young Thunder: A Visit With Cameron Osceola of the Osceola Brothers Band

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Mention the Blues. What comes to mind? Right now, in Native America, three Seminole siblings are becoming a major musical force. Cameron Osceola, of the Osceola Brothers Band, discusses the band's style and songs in this recent interview.

Q) What's good right now?

A)Right now? I'd say writing songs, going to school, meeting and talking to new people, you know, just being young.

Q) Why do you think your music is so popular? How do you personally describe your musical style?

A)If someone hasn't heard our music I would describe it as real and raw. ‘Cause blues is as raw as it gets, and the attitude just hits you like rock n roll should.

Q) When did you first perform for an audience? What are some of your most treasured performing memories?

Cameron Osceola of the Osceola Brothers Band

Cameron Osceola of the Osceola Brothers Band

A)Well, the first for me was at this small guitar shop, they had an open mic night and back then, I was into metal. I played ‘Master of Puppets' by Metallica. I did an improv solo, went offstage, and the announcer guy was like, ‘Who knew girls could rock?' I had long hair, I was kind of chubby, and my voice was still squeaky… haha.
But as a band, our first gig was for my uncle Paul Buster three years ago at a memorial he had arranged. There was about 20-40 people there, and now looking back on it, we did some below average covers of Hendrix and Elvis haha. But the crowd loved it considering we were 14,9, and 13.

But today, my favorite memory was when I gave our drummer a solo and I grabbed some sticks and played the toms and cymbals beside him. The crowd went nuts that night!

Introducing Blues to a new generation.

Introducing Blues to a new generation.

Q)What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started performing? What are you glad you DIDN'T know?

A)What I know now that I wish I new then is that the road to success isn't going to be as easy as I thought it would be. What I'm glad that I DIDN'T know is that there is always going to be someone just a little better than you, but the upside is that there will never be anyone else that can play JUST LIKE you.


Q)How did you get bitten by the music “bug”?

A) I am a self taught guitarist. I got my first acoustic at 7 and learned by ear. At 9 or 10, I got my first electric guitar. After that, any chances of me getting a “real” job went out the window… haha.

The moment I realized that I couldn't imagine my life without playing guitar, and how much I loved the feeling of bending those strings, is when I knew music was my passion.

Osceola Brothers Band onstage.

Osceola Brothers Band onstage.

Q)If you had to do something other than play music, what would it be? If music was forbidden, what would you do?

A) If music was outlawed I think I would be on the America's most wanted list… haha. I would be still playing music no matter what anyone else says because music is just so beautiful. It's something that could be understood no matter what language you speak, something that connects with you spiritually, and something that the soul could never be without.

Q)As a strong Seminole, do you instill your tribal roots into the music that you play?

A) Our heritage has a lot of history and material, from being relocated, to being hunted, to being taken over, to being strong, and to the stories and legends of our elders. There is a lot of spirituality in being who we are that ties into our storytelling. And that's how I write songs, with storytelling.

Q) What else are you enthusiastic about?

A)I'm enthusiastic about learning the ways of my people, educating others about our people and for the younger kids to learn also.


Q) What would you like to tell us that we don't already know about you? About your music?

A)Our music shares a message of hope to all our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

Cameron Osceola and the Osceola Brothers Band.

Cameron Osceola and the Osceola Brothers Band.

Q) Mvto Mahe for chatting with me today. Many blessings!

A) Thank you! Connect with the band at‎ and‎.

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