Young Pow Wow Dancer Shares Her ‘Lakota in America’ Story

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown October 11th, 2017 Last Updated on: December 6th, 2018

In this new short film, Lakota in America, Square, Inc. shares the story of a young Lakota pow wow dancer and her life on the reservation.

Genevieve Iron Lightning is a young Lakota dancer on the Cheyenne River Reservation, one of the poorest communities in the US. Unemployment, addiction, alcoholism, and suicide are all challenges for Lakota on the reservation.

For nearly a hundred years, it was illegal to practice Lakota customs. Now, the Cheyenne River Youth Project is working with young people like Genevieve to create a stronger economic and cultural future—and they’re using their Lakota heritage to get there.


“Lakota in America” is the third film in Square's For Every Kind of Dream series.

You can watch the other films at http://foreverydream.com.

Learn how you can support Cheyenne River Youth Project at http://lakotayouth.org/help

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Thomas Brennan

Chief Iron Light, had a cool name, provided strength and leadership for his people. The new generation gives us all belief in a future, that builds on those strengths. My nephew Billy committed suicide when he was 21, that was a sad time for our family. He was my sister Rosemary’s son. He had a peaceful and kind spirit. Our family also suffered from alcoholism. My dad called drinking an eraser. He was good to me, trying to give me all of his strength and courage. I love how native people draw from the strength of their ancestral past. Water is life.

Lakota sioux country José Antonio Iglesias España 🇪🇸 de Extremadura spain ♥ Manuel de Lisa español fort Manuel de Lisa gran amigo de los sioux……… ♥ Lakota (amigos).

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