Winning Horse Race Rider Brings Awareness to Missing Murdered Indigenous Women

Posted By PowWow Articles August 29th, 2018 Last Updated on: January 19th, 2022

Jesse James White who is Hunkpapa/Lakota won the first horse race of the night and brought attention in his victory to the issue of our missing and murdered indigenous women. His shirt bore a message about it and even in interviews afterward talked of the women and of the genocide.

“There is something equally or even more important to White than racing, and he carries the message on the back of his shirt, proclaiming clearly about the need to address the issue of murdered and missing Indian women on reservations across the nation, an epidemic rarely mentioned in the popular press. “That and the genocide we suffer,” he said. “All of it is important.”

Thus, White will do his part wherever and whenever he races, talking about the issues, giving them added life. Indigenous issues are not only largely ignored by the mainstream media but by the U.S. government as well.

If he can help even a bit, he intends to do so whenever the opportunity is there.

Read more in the article written by Canterbury Park here.

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Jonell Adams

Thank you, Mr. White for stepping up for the indigenous women, where justice has not been served and who have not had a proper funeral. This is a sad reminder and so real among the nations.

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