Winnebago Tribe Lends Helping Hand to Lakota Relatives

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown January 22nd, 2018 Last Updated on: January 22nd, 2018

Winter can be a harsh time, especially for those of us in the Northern part of the continent. Many hours and days can go by with constant below freezing temperatures and the ability to heat your homes and stay warm gets tougher and tougher. After some members of the Winnebago tribe read an article from the Huffington Post about many on the Pine Ridge Reservation suffering through the winter without enough heat, they felt they had to do something.

They organized a drive to get warm blankets, coats, and chainsaws to Pine Ridge so the young people could help cut wood for the elders.

Watch the below video to see their compassionate efforts.

“The HoChunk People always help others in time of need. Although we’re struggling here too, it appears that they are in a much worse situation. It would be un-HoChunk of us not to assist.” – Winnebago Tribal Council

Imagine how much better the world would be if we all took this idea to heart.

Here's to more helping hands in the world!

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Ruben Vasquez

Happy to see the natives be one again. Mexican boy supports you.


Many blessings to the Hochunk Nation for their unselfish gifts to the Native families on the Pine Ridge reservation. You have all modeled the true meaning of harmonious tribal unity through your spirit of prayer and humanity.

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