Why Donald Trump is bad for Indian Country

Posted By Charlie Ballard August 23rd, 2015 Last Updated on: August 25th, 2015

2016 is right around the corner and it will be time to elect the 45th President of the United States. Of all the candidates running for next years Presidential election, here are a couple reasons why Native American voters should not cast their ballots for Donald Trump.

Reason 1 – #DumpTrump
Does anyone remember 1993 when Donald Trump tried to sue the federal government because he felt allowing Indian Tribes to operate Casinos discriminated against him? Obviously Trump couldn't handle the casino competition which is why the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City closed permanently in 2014.

Reason 2 – Keystone Pipeline XXL


Enough said.

Reason 3 – Donald Trump is the new Andrew Jackson

One just has to think of all the polarizing comments Trump has made towards other countries such as, “when Mexico sends it people, they're not sending its best, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists” . He's also criticized women as being, “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals” . Trump is no bueno.


Reason 4 – Visibility?

Donald has NO TRACK record for helping or supporting ANY Native American causes, nada, nothing, zip, zilch, whereas his only political interactions towards our community has been to infringe on our tribal sovereignty (tribal gaming) and supporting the Keystone XL Pipeline. President Obama established the first Tribal Nations Conference so tribes could address the U.S. Government directly. The Obama's also made visits to Indian Country with Mrs. Obama making public statements apologizing for Native American suffering. This maybe speculation but based on Trumps past discretions with our Native communities, does anyone think Donald Trump will make these same steps towards furthering the plight of Native Americans?The answer is one big emphatic NO.

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Patricia Herrera

To Answer A Recent Comment On Who Is Truly A Native American…South American Indians,North American Indians,All Are Within The Title Of Native Americans! We Must Open Our Hearts To Make America Great Again Or Be Satisfied To How It Is Now! President Trump Will Bring Jobs, You Will See! Yes, A Meeting Would Be Key To Recognizing Tribal Needs, That Is A Powerful Suggestion! President Trump Is Also Very Aware Of Bad Medicine For Our Children & Has Started An Inquiry To Investigate These So Called Vaccines! Be Patient & Have Faith! Patricia Herrera??

Patricia Herrera

Time To Get Serious…New Jobs Are So Important.This Is The Basics Of Survival! You Want Washington To Hear You On Your Goals & Needs? We Need Trump! Don’t Listen To The Media…A Real Forked Tongue?Go To The Light! Trump Is Different From All The Rest! He Cares About America! He Will “NOT” Grab Your Vote & Play The Disappearing Act! Think About This! It Is So Easy To Criticize Others…Trump Is “NOT” A Politican! He Is The Leader Of A Movement we Have Never Witnessed In The Last 200 Yrs. Band Together & Vote For Trump. You Will Be Heard Loud & Clear! Hillary Wants You Exactly Where You Are! Just Like Detroit! Join The Movement & Be Heard. God Bless?

Patricia Herrera

We Must Band Together! The best medicine for all of us; is Voting Donald Trump In To Be Our 45th President! I do not lie, especially to you on Navajo Rez…my home away from home. He can do great things for America, trust me! He is not a crook like Hillary Clinton. She has done so many horrible things and she wants to run our country? Hell no! She approves murdering innocent unborn children! She raised Millions upon millions of dollars for her so called; Clinton Foundation by saying the $ was going to help the poor in Haiti and they recieved less then 10% of it! This is outrage! She and her husband are the equalent to; Bonnie & Clyde of the 1930’s! (Look this up!) Read my writings; over a thousand facts on Hillary’s corruption. Go to: Donald Trump’s Twitter and I am on there under: Patricia Herrera-?All Aboard Trump Train. Thank you??


Donald Trump is the worst choice for President. How any one who is a minority, middle class or low income, a woman, an immigrant or LGBT can support this person is beyond me. The only person he cares about is himself. He only calls other people names and tries to degrade them..never anything on his policies on the issues a Presidential candidate should know and be commenting on. Look what he continues to call Elizabeth Warren as a means of degrading her and then the others standing behind him laughing while he calls her names. What kind of place has this become?? The only revolution that needs to come is when a Native American is in the White House not a “revolution” brought on by a Bernie Sanders who the republicans seem to like.

Patricia Herrera

The worst, Very worst thing you can do is vote for Hillary Clinton. She hates unborn babies, she is one huge crook-belive me. The Rez needs to come together with me and Ttrump. Not just for the Election but for our future.

Patricia Herrera

Voting for Trump is the best thing that people of all of America can do! He wants to clean up the mess in Washington. He wants to and will bring back our JOBS from Mexico and overseas. He wants to build a wall between us and Mexico WITH a door so they can come to our country the same legal way other countries do!
He may not be a perfect man, but by God, he is not a criminal like Hillary Clinton. Example: Whitwater, Sweet Wall Street Favors, Vince Foster, Bengazi and so much more! If you want prosperity for the Rez… Jobs is a KEY WORD! I have met Donald Trump and he is a good man. He is so tired of corption in our Country. He actually is our last hope. Romney is tied to Wall Street dealings too, so don’t listen to him. There is bad things going on behind doors and Romney is a part of it.
I will help to bring jobs to or by the Rez. Equal jobs for all. This is why Trump wants our jobs here. Thank you*


Trump said native Americans should go back to their own
country. This IS their own country. Why doesn’t Donald Tramp–I mean Trump–go back to HIS own country. We
certainly don’t need him here.

Patricia Herrera

Hey People of Dine’,
I have been bringing supplies in from Northern California since early 1990’s. These supplies include; Women’s Coats, socks, Childen’s clothes, over 2 tons (yes, 2 tons) of Children’s readings books to Sage Memorial Hospital. I never forget you on the Rez. I am angry with all the Charity that our country does for other countries in this world when our Rez’s need so much first! But we need to listen to Donald Trump, really. He wants to bring back companies that have gone to Mexico and China. I feel we could put a couple of those companies on the rez or by the rez. Why not? Really… Why not. I think big and always have. The Rez has a horrible water piisoning problem and all I hear about is Flint, Michigan. I have written to Donald Trump and explained this. I have met him (I am a published writer) and honestly he is smart and caring, maybe a lot more so then before. He has a heart folks, and I am not afraid to contact him on your water problem, employment problem, etc… But let’s get him in office. Why not, Washington is so awful now, I honestly believe he can help. Listen to him and listen to me. Love to all of you.

Lisa Miller

I have more of a query than a comment. I am dating an Apache and am wondering why in the hell is this man so hell bent on Donald Drumphf being next prez? I mean, he is a sad groupie and won’t tell me why he’s so dedicated to this dumbass. He is such a follower and defender of this white man, I am almost too ashamed to have anyone know we are affiliated in any way. What is it that I am missing?

Dan Hutchings

I am not going to sit here and claim the little bit of Indian blood that runs through my veins, and I am not going to sit and say I am a democrat or republican or even like our current government. What I will say I am an American and my great grandmother was full Shawnee.I live in Montana where we have seven reservations that are some of the poorest/poverty stricken areas you can find any where in the United States. I lived on the Navajo reservation and went to school on that reservation.I am not an authority on Indian issues and problems or have all the answers.

What I see and told by some of my reservation friends is a vast portion live with little or no hope in a world full of crime, drugs, alcohol, no jobs, poor medical, and poor education. Only a few own land, only a few have money. The reservations in Montana have the highest suicide rate around country.

The first Americans have been screwed time after time by the white man and their promises. In the past 250 years what has the Indian ever gotten beside a small piece of ground for each nation? What has the Democratic or Republican parties ever done except give the American Indian as a whole just enough to survive. BLM cheats you and is corrupt wasting millions that never get to the people.

There is bad blood and misunderstanding about Trump and I have two pages created by Team Trump 2016 for all native Americans to find the facts and learn what Trump truly believes and stands for as well as ask and comment.They are there to give you a voice to help you as well as the rest of the nation. The reservations and the people on those reservations can continue the same direction you are going or help and have some say as to what happens. These sites are on FB and I want them to be your sites.1st is Native Spirit for Trump and the other is Team Trump 2016 Native American Indian Nation. I want these to be your sites though you can visit and join any Trump site if you wish. Choices and future are yours. Thank you for your time.

Little Fork

Good Points. I think if we all stood up and looked around, we might notice that America itself has become one big reservation. However, priorities will prevail, & while there is great manufactured fear & bias brought on by mainstream media, & the George Soros mafia, & the Bilderberg globalist war agenda, Indian country will be about as important as it has been with everyone else. We are watching Europe crumble, and the U.S. being sold off in chunks first by Bush , them by Obama, and people are worried about Indian Country? There is a full scale ambush taking place right now…look at the Big Picture. The U.S. created Isis, & fights for Israel, until we have a leader that puts America first, second, & third, we will continue to spiral. Our present leaders have intentionally allied themselves with globalist operatives, installed dictatorships, created mass exodus & incited violence, a vote for Hillary or Sanders is still a vote for Israel..We need a President who is not so agreeable to bow down to Israel’s demands – which incidentally has cost America it’s jobs, pensions, & lives of her children. Indian Country is currently under corruption, we can’t blame Trump for what we have allowed to happen for centuries of oppression, & just because Obama pays you a visit & smiles like the FOX he is, don’t be blinded by the fact that each day he conducts massive drone strikes on the innocent women & children, & has executive ordered strikes on U.S. citizens. Trump intends to undo many of Obama’s executive orders that have violated your Constitutional Rights. So if you think Indian Country is protected by the Constitution, review how Bush & Obama have been shredding it.

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