Whoop There It Is! Loretta Sanchez’s War Cry

Posted By Charlie Ballard May 18th, 2015 Last Updated on: May 18th, 2015

This morning on the local news in Los Angeles, I woke up to a video being played of California Congreswoman of the 46th District – Loretta Sanchez, making the usual whoop whoop stereotype of Native Americans. She was originally referring to Indian Americans and made the whoop whoop gesture so that her audience wouldn't confuse who she was talking about. This is making National news because Loretta is currently running for the U.S. Senate seat of California!

Heres what Native Comedian – Jim Ruel had to say:

“Is she a writer for Adam Sandler? I don't know who Loretta is but I'm guessing this is part of a larger pattern of degrading remarks that she let's sleep. I'm guessing her apology is utter nonsense in that she knows nothing about our community. She says we are ‘great' yet I doubt she has a single example to back up that adjective. Simply put if she knew our community she wouldn't have done that gesture. Los Angeles has the largest urban Native American population in the country. And we are not those horrible stereotypes from the old hollywood westerns. She may not have intended mockery but that's how it comes across” – Jim Ruel (Bay Mills Ojibwe)

Like any major politician who fumbles in the political arena, Sanchez is expected to release a statement and apologize, the question is, would you accept? And plus, I was already going to vote for Kamala Harris, our current State Attorney General of California is who also running for that same U.S. Senate seat.

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Tom Cruise

The funny thing is, this not an actual “War Cry” done by Native Americans(Watch YouTube), but rather a Hollywood version of it. Sanchez must of got it from a movie. Native American actors walk out of a movie set by Adam Sandler, saying it was racist, but media did not give them the light of day. The producer and Netflix, said ” If you don’t like it, just leave”. Where was the social outrage? Why the double standard? Is this being use to score Political points? Native Americans are actually offended by the Sainthood of Serra, their murderer, why is the media not covering it? Total hypocracy all around.

Angie Valdez

I agree, what a racist political leader, if she had said something about the blacks or muslims there would have been an out cry maybe even another riot…All I can say is, get the word out about this, & Loretta Sanchez, shine the light on her… As far as that bad actor adam sandler, I never liked him or his movies he’s not even funny rather stuped!
Don’t support any of his movies either, get the word out too. (I am going put it out there).

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