WHOLE AND HAPPY: Rosalia Badhorse’s Powwow Power!

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Northern Cheyenne Beauty!

Northern Cheyenne Beauty!

Interview by Dr. Dawn Karima,Native American Culture Editor

Rosalia Badhorse LOVES Powwows!

Rosalia Badhorse LOVES Powwows!

Dynamic and Charming, Former Miss Northern Cheyenne Rosalia Badhorse shared with Powwows.com about her education, dancing and how to create the perfect powwow!

Q) It's great to visit with you!!! What are some of the facts you'd like us to know about you?

A) I once had the honor of representing my tribe as Jr. Miss Northern Cheyenne when I was 13 years old. Then when I was 17, it was truly an honor and a privilege to be chosen to represent my tribe again as Miss Northern Cheyenne in 2010-2011. I traveled to as many places as I could and as far as I could possibly go. I danced every other weekend, especially during the warmer months. I met tons of new people, and while representing my own, I got to learn more about other tribes' songs and ways as well. It was by far the coolest and most beautiful experience of my life.

Today, I'm now a senior at La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It's a small, private school. I will be graduating in the Spring of 2015, with a degree in Business Administration and with a minor in Human Services. Throughout my time here, I have volunteered much of my free time towards charities and non-profits that center around battling hunger and homelessness. I've even been a part of organizations that ask business students to help startups and businesses around the world to stand on their own feet through hands on teaching and work in the field. Overall, I just really like to help people and am grateful for all the experience and insight I have gained because it has really opened my eyes to the world, and all of its possibilities. I'm also excited to apply all this knowledge to those real life situations and challenges we face on the reservation in the future.

Q) Such a bright future! What is your Native heritage?

A) I was born and raised a Northern Cheyenne, in Lame Deer, Montana.

Q)A wonderful place of culture and tradition! What do Powwows mean to you?

A) Powwows were a HUGE part of my childhood while growing up! It definitely shaped my character and my life. I know it's not a serious ceremonial event, but it has allowed me to celebrate my identity through song and dance with family and friends, every year. Powwows are what make my life whole and happy.

"Powwows are what make my life whole and happy."

“Powwows are what make my life whole and happy.”

Q)A delightful outlook! How did you start dancing?

A) I started dancing when I was a just a toddler. I don't remember my exact age; I just remember my family got me all dressed up one day and that I had so much fun that I willingly and excitedly chose to return to the circle year after year.

Q)That is adorable! How did you choose your dance category? What does dancing your particular style mean to you?

A) I started out as a jingle dress dancer, but once I hit my teens, my reasons for dancing changed completely. On one seemingly normal day, my grandmother presented me with an old, traditional Cheyenne buckskin dress. She told me that her grandmother (Jean Spotted Wolf and wife of Chief Spotted Wolf), had made that dress for her when she was younger. My grandmother wore it, then passed it down to her daughter to wear at one point, and now it was my turn. After that day, I felt a newfound sense of responsibility -not only for this special dress, but for my family's history. Wearing it and having to take care of it made me feel more in touch with my roots.

Rosalia Badhorse, photographed by Ashley Yellowrobe

Rosalia Badhorse, photographed by Ashley Yellowrobe

Q) What do you think makes a powwow a good one? What are some of your favorite powwows!

A) A good powwow = at least one drum group + dancers + vendors + free admission and parking + Ruben Little Head as the MC!
I love all powwows, but my favorite will always be the Annual 4th of July Chief's Powwow right outside of Lame Deer, MT. Free admission, free parking, and camping with family and friends in a beautiful valley. No loud city noises, pollution, or crowded gymnasium. Just fresh air, blue skies and starry nights, and good vibes.

Q)Mvto…thank you for your sharing with us! We sure do appreciate you!
A) Thank you for the opportunity to share some of my experiences as a powwow dancer! Nea'ese.

Powwow Power!

Powwow Power!

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