White Privilege at its Finest – Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Posted By Marty Two Bulls September 30th, 2018 Last Updated on: September 30th, 2018

White Privilege at its Finest – Judge Brett Kavanaugh

This past week has been a spectacle of politics at its worst.

Should Judge Kavanaugh be confirmed as a Justice on the Supreme Court?


The views expressed in the editorial cartoon are not necessarily that of PowWows.com.
PowWows.com publishes these editorial cartoons weekly to highlight issues in Indian Country.  We hope these cartoons will help start conversations about these issues.

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About Marty Two Bulls

Marty Two Bulls Sr. is an Oglala Lakota originally from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. He spent his childhood in Rapid City, South Dakota and was graduated from Rapid City’s Central High School in 1981. He attended college in Denver at the Colorado Institute of Art, which gave him the technical skills to land a job in his hometown with the local television station, a NBC affiliate, as an assistant to the art director. It was at his high school newspaper (the Pine Needle) that Two Bulls first started drawing editorial cartoons. His ‘editoons’ started out as a hobby but within a few years the hobby turned into a career.

Two Bulls began as a journalist in weekly newspapers and then moved on to dailies. He accepted a position the Rapid City Journal as graphics editor and he served on the editorial board for seven years. Two Bulls then moved on to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader as graphics editor for six more years. He eventually left newspapers and returned to college to finish his BFA degree, freelance as a cartoonist, and pursue a fine art career. He has drawn editorial cartoons for the Indian Country Today Media Network since 2001, an archive of his work can be found at: https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/category/news/cartoons

His work also appears in the newspapers; Indian Country Today (Martin, SD), Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Times (New Town, ND), Cherokee One Feather (Cherokee, NC), Sincangu Scribe (Rosebud SD) and News from Indian Country (Hayward, WI).

His work focuses on issues of political interest to Native peoples, a vital niche market. “Native Americans have been historically persecuted and marginalized by the dominant culture, which has reduced them to a minority in their own lands. Said Two Bulls “I create my cartoons for my people and if non-Natives are touched by the work, then all the better”. It is important to him that the message of the editorial is made known to all peoples.

Marty currently works as a senior freelance artist, college art professor, and graphic designer. He enjoys teaching, painting, and sculpting. His website is m2bulls.com

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Bob Renteria

I agree with the comments of Thersa A Smith and North Woods Woman, when posting things a disclaimer should precede the posting as these are the views of a individual not of Powwows.com, it would leave one to believe that the views are those of Powwos.com.

Diane Oraif

This is a reply to Teresa’s Smith’s comments about scripture, and God. I do not want to write a divisive post, and therefore I’d also like to recognize that Teresa is certainly free to Worship in the manner of her choosing here in this great country. However, I do not know if she claims to be an indigenous person. I am only here to inform people that opposing ideas originating from Native American religions are floating around out there about beliefs that have nothing to do with Christianity. I cannot tell any indigenous people what religion to adopt, however many indigenous individuals hold views that Christianity is a religion of colonizers, and the indigenous people here in the Americas should decolonize. Thank you for listening, and I do not mean to offend any of those of you who decide to adopt Christianity. Peace to you all.

Diane Oraif

I do not mean to offend others, or to personally attack any of you who may be in favor of Brett Kavanaugh. I am not in any way part of powwows.com, however I do feel that the cartoon is extremely appropriate considering that Brett Kavanaugh is likely to harm the civil rights of Native Americans, who live in environmentally endangered areas, and who are also majority voters. The issue is intrinsically connected to Native Americans. I would be very disappointed in powwows.com if they did not hold views consistent with the
Civil and legal rights of Native Americans overall. The rights of people truly living is indigenous people hold precedent over those assimilative individuals who simply claim a blood quantum.

As a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, Kavanaugh weakend the Environmental Protection Agency.

Sturgeon v. Frost will come before The Supreme Court for review on Nov. 5. It could devastate Alaska Natives’ subsistence fishing rights. Brett Kavanaugh is a states rights extremist who would want to eliminate Federal rights to prevent hovercrafts from wreaking havoc in our national parks. A Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh would vote to destroy the way of life for tribal communities who rely on subsistence fishing in protected federal waters in Alaska Native fishing areas.

American Indian and Alaska Native voters continue to encounter language barriers, enormous distances to polling places, purged voter rolls, and arbitrary changes in voter identification laws. Kavanaugh voted in 2012 to uphold a South Carolina voter ID law that disenfranchised more than 80,000 minority registered voters.


Omg people its just a cartoon! A very well done and accurate depiction of this lying *$%# trying to swindle his way into a lifetime appointment. Everyone throwing shade needs to wake up to themselves. Any protections women had will be non-existent! That medicare u rely on will be GONE once he gets on Supreme Court! This monster will make things easier for corrupt Senators to completely dismantle the fabric of our nation which is already in tathers! Look at the bigger picture instead of refusing to see how it effects us all!


Yes, confirm him.

Though, yes, he is white, he certainly isn’t rich. Just look at his home, that was just vandalized. He’s middle class.

North Woods Woman

Maybe you shouldn’t have racist artists contributing to your page then.

Thresa A Smith

Your disclaimer must be your views because you continue to publish these one sided political uninformed bias terrible cartoons.
People that are raised with generational taught Democratic party views need to stop and think for themselves. I know because I use to be one. Staying in a poor me blaming others for your lives is no way to live and your life will never improve. Democrats don’t care about women unless it fits their agenda. Bill Clinton was proven to rape and harass his victims and they worship him and Hillary. Clinton’s filled their pockets with wealth and never helped the poor class or working class and liberals keep supporting them. As far as Judge Kavanaugh in the United States people are innocent until proven guilty. There has been no supported proof. Women that are raped or molested know exactly how they arrived at the location, where the horrible event happened and they sure know how they got out and back to their home and who drove them especially when they rode with someone. They remember their traumatic events and carry them all their life. Even her friends said it never happen so why would you continue to spread unproven facts. I guess the news you watch if any didn’t give you these facts or either you are so blinded with hatred you don’t care. Democrats leaders aren’t worried about the kids at the border my God they tear out piece by piece unborn helpless babies from their mothers womb and then sell the body parts. What kind of evil is this? Wake up because God will not be mocked and his scriptures never change. You can’t follow him and go against his teachings.

Paul G

We publish these because Marty Two Bulls is a contributor to PowWows.com. He is a Native artist and we feature his work.

Joan Maxwell

I agree with you Thresa A Smith. I was once a Democrat too until my eyes were opened to the wrongs being taught. Judge Kavanaugh is being railroaded by the Trump haters. It is a travesty to our judicial system. I pray for him and his family for the hell they are being put through and for those who hate so much they are blinded to the truth.

Judy Clarke

Thank you for your well put paragraph above. I was shocked, frankly, at the cartoon against Kavanaugh. I’ve only been subscribing to this website for a short time. I will be unsubscribing immediately.

Nina Aoni

What is there to say?


Thresa, Kudos to you, well said.

Homer Tobuk

Use all Indian power to deny Brett Cavanaugh a seat on the supreme court.he does not deserve such a position.he lie

Carolyn Reynolds


Denice Ornelaz-Perez

The comic is supposedly not the views of the website but was posted by the founder. It is much more professional to eliminate posting political posts.

Paul G

The cartoon is from one of our contributors – Marty Two Bulls. Marty is an Oglala Lakota artist. We publish his work once a week.

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