Native Restaurant Review: Owamni in Minneapolis

Located at OwamniYomni, a sacred site to Dakota and Anishinaabe people, or west of Mill Ruins Park, this high-end Dakota restaurant has swiftly climbed the ranks to become one of the most popular dining experiences for locals and foodies alike.

Beyond giving Minneapolis residents a look at decolonized indigenous Dakota food, what Owamni and Sioux Chef Sean Sherman offer to local Native patrons is an experience of being seen.

Sitting down at our table, the very first thing I noticed was the music playing in the background. Fawn Wood's newest song “Tapwe Oma” played followed by Gunner Jules's song “Day Dreamin.'”

The sun had pretty much fully set, and the lights around the building cast a beautiful golden glow against the deep blues of the Mississippi river banks.

The entire wall facing the river is glass, making it a perfect spot for a proposal or memorable moment.

We ordered tea and began to look over the menu. All of us recognized the foods, ingredients and traditional names.

I saw a braid of Timpsila hanging on the wall by my table and smiled to myself before leaning to my husband and asking, “Is this how Chinese people feel at Chinese restaurants? This is so amazing.”

That was when it hit me—the depth of what Sherman had created for Natives in Minneapolis and beyond.

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