Native American Quillwork Tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial from Wandering Bull, you will learn the beautiful art of quillwork, a traditional Native American craft.

Our instructor will guide you through the process of selecting and preparing quills, as well as techniques for creating stunning designs on leather or cloth.

Quillwork is a traditional art form that has been practiced by many Native American tribes for centuries. Historically, quills were collected from porcupines and dyed in a variety of colors using natural materials.

The porcupine quills used in quillwork are harvested from the porcupine's back, which is covered in long, sharp quills.

The quills are then cleaned and dyed using natural materials such as berries and roots.

The quills can be left in their natural state, which is a creamy white color, or they can be dyed in a variety of colors.

The quills are then softened by soaking them in water and then flattened using a bone tool or a quillwork comb.

Once the quills are flattened, they can be sewn onto clothing or other items using sinew or a modern substitute such as nylon thread.

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