Washington Redskins Meme Removed from Twitter !!

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This evening, the Washington Redskins of the NFL (National Football League) tried posting a Thanksgiving meme with their team logo to their twitter page and it was immediately taken down.  “The tweet has garnered numerous angry responses ranging from bashing the team's social media and public relations teams to urging the team to delete its account”  . (yahoo news)

This past July, the Washington Redskins football team lost a key battle in court over their trademark registration, as a federal judge ruled to cancel the NFL team's registration, stating that the logo might denigrate Native Americans. (cnn)

Currently college sports teams such as the Utah Utes, Florida State Seminoles and Central Michigan Chippewa's retain their names because they have permission from those respective tribes.

When are Native American names appropriate/inappropriate in mainstream culture? A Yahoo subscriber named Mike commented, “funny how the government wants to ban words that are offensive to Native Americans but has no problem using Apache and Tomahawk for weapons that they use to kill thousands of people”  .  Great point Mike but does anyone think if our government asked us if they could use those names either, nope.

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