Wanted: Writers and Bloggers

Wanted: Writers and Bloggers

Posted By Paul G December 12th, 2013 Last Updated on: February 28th, 2016

Job Description

PowWows.com is looking for bloggers to submit articles, interviews, photos, videos, product reviews, top 10 lists, and more!  We are working to expand our coverage of Native American topics and bring more content to our readers.

The ideal person is a self starter that is passionate about Native culture.  Your charisma needs to show in your writing and videos.  We are looking for writers passionate about Pow Wows and Native culture.


  • Have your articles read by a community of thousands
  • Join a community of Native writers
  • $25/published article
  • Bonuses offered


  • Personal computer and at-home Internet connectivity required.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Technically proficient with computer, mobile devices, and camera.
  • Experience with online blogging tools such as WordPress
  • Write one 500-1000 word article (at least) every month, with preference on a new posting every two weeks. 
  • Blogs must be original content
  • You must be able to write clearly with minimal grammatical or spelling mistakes.  
  • Articles must include at least one original image, preferably more. No copyright images permitted

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve never written in WordPress, but am interested in writing for The Pow Wows. Is that a deal breaker?
    No!  Knowing WordPress is a plus.  But no worries if you have no experience.  We can teach you the system.
  • I have a great blog idea, but what if I don’t have a photo? 
    Depending on the topic, we may be able to use a photo from our library.
  • What about deadlines?
    No deadlines here!  We ask that you post at least once per month.  This is  on your schedule though!
  • I want to write – will I definitely be accepted as a writer for PowWows.com?
    We accept writers based on their writing samples and past work.  Not everyone is the right fit for our site.  Send us a sample and we can discuss your fit for PowWows.com.
  • I already write for my own blog or XYZ.com. Is that ok?
    Of course!  We welcome experienced writers.  Content for our site needs to be original and not posted elsewhere however.

This position will be a contract relationship with PowWows.com, LLC.

You can work from your home! This job is part time – you set your hours. We welcome applicants that currently work full time to apply.

Pow Wow Blogger

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16 thoughts on “Wanted: Writers and Bloggers

  1. Are you still looking for Powwow bloggers? If so, I am definitely interested. There are a few things I will need to get done before getting started like, acquiring internet service and upgrading the computer. For the past year, I have been recovering from a serious back injury but on the road to recovery and am ready for a whole new chapter in my life. Being Native American and growing up in NE Oklahoma has allowed a wonderful lifelong Powwow culture experience. Having the opportunity to put all of the wonderful things I have experienced over the years as well as new ones to pen, oh how fulfilling that would be. Thank you for any opportunity.

  2. Stacie Phillips~Farnsley says:

    I love to write and hope this position is just right for me and that it is still available. I have a great love of writing, a gift handed down from my father. I am of Native heritage on both sides of my parentage and these PowWow videos and blogs, seeing Our people dance the sacred dances again, does my heart good. Beautiful! My Grandmothers Are smiling down from Heaven at the progress we have made to get some of our children back to the ways of old. There will come a time once again, when All of Our Mixed Children will dance. Teaching them the way is half the journey for a mother of mixed blood. I am white on the outside…but to know me tells more.

  3. Regina Murillo says:


    I recently tired to apply for your bloggers position above this link; however, it would not let me submit. Is there another way to apply?

  4. Karen L. Testerman says:

    I am getting my grandchildren ready to hit the Pow Wow trail. Taking laptop, and camera. Perfect opportunity to take photographs and write articles.

  5. Jazmyn says:

    It won’t let me submit. When I press submit nothing happens. Is there an email I can send my application to?

  6. lisa Valles says:

    Well this gave me a new idea “blogging”. I have excellent communication skills and public speaking skills, but to write out my thoughts, my experiences, my discoveries that sounds exciting. I hope the chosen person will use this opportunity to write about different dancers in different powwow’ basically interview them so they can tell their story through the writer.

  7. razzal dazzel says:

    I have the perfect person for this if it is still available , I have passed along the link to her, her blogs are well one of the best on the internet that I have read so far , She comes from a Metis background and definitely has the chrisma. she is passionate about her writing so yeah I hope this job is still available she would definitely be a good one to add to your team

  8. I grew up going to POW WOWs and I still love it, but I haven’t gone to one in several years. I always loved it because that was normal for me. It was hard for me to explain that to anyone who have not been to one. I hope you find the right people, to share the experience. It can’t be explain in a way that gives the whole thing justice.

  9. rena Phiolbrook says:

    Wow just going over in my head what I’m going to do more of this year ..well one was get beading, and get back out there and dance I just turned 60 but i can still Pow Wow till th cow’s come home..I would love to so this.

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