Viral Video Cree Boys Singing With Plastic Bin Leads to Community Response

Viral Video Cree Boys Singing With Plastic Bin Leads to Community Response

Posted By Paul G March 9th, 2020 Last Updated on: March 9th, 2020

After a positively provoking video of young boys from Mathias Colomb Cree Nation in Manitoba went viral on Facebook (receiving over 5,000 views in just a few days), individuals from communities all around responded.

The boys wanted to drum—and drum they did—on plastic storage tote bins with any old stick they found. They all joined in to practice drumming and singing, which they learned from an older mentor in their Pukatawagan community.

What they didn’t realize when they played one of their songs for the video that was uploaded to Facebook, was that viewers from all around would want to donate real powwow drums to the boys. So far up to 60 individuals from around the United States have committed to donating a drum to Native communities to allow young people to have access to the instrument.

The boys in the photo above, Marquis Nicholas (13), Gordon Nicholas (12), Wade Drake (8), and Travis Hart (9), have created a drumming group called Young Cree and are excitedly waiting for their very own powwow drum to arrive, which was donated to them by a woman in Tacoma, Washington.

Fred Colomb has mentored the young boys and is one of the main reasons they began learning to sing and drum.

Tesa Hart, a mother of one of the boys, states “He's [Colomb] still supporting them every time he bumps into them out in the community and when there's community functions.”

Colomb says that it honors him to know that the boys will be getting a real powwow drum soon and believes they will go far with their dream. He also stated that “he is proud to see them carry on their traditions as First Nations people and hopes to see them out on the powwow trail when they get their drum.”

Only time will tell—hopefully, we will all see the group Young Cree go on to do amazing things with their talents!

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Tima bear

so beautiful, these kids are proud of their heritage! they love who they are and are willing to do anything to practice their culture. Beautiful, we all should learn from them.

Running Doe

osiyo those boys are wonderful keeping traditions going which is so wonderful,

Lorraine Craighead

This is what makes America great we have so many great things to look at so many young people who want to be part of what their heritage is this is wonderful these are the young man that make America great and the wise ones that taught them also

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