Video of This Talented Quilt Maker Makes it Look So Easy!

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown February 15th, 2018 Blog

Knowing the time that goes into making these beautiful quilts, I know you'll appreciate these three videos from 3 Feathers Star Quilts.

Check out these colorful star quilts made by Benjamin Leedom.

My mom recently started making quilts so I can definitely appreciate how much time and love goes into each quilt.

If you want to see more from Benjamin, check out his website,

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One thought on “Video of This Talented Quilt Maker Makes it Look So Easy!

  1. Denise Goins says:

    I like the featured finished quilt! I have just the room for it as well. I began learning how to make quilts by hand but the lessons stopped because the woman who was teaching another and me went back to full-time work. She taught me enough to recognize beautiful quilts when I see one.
    Thank you for sharing it w/

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