Video Shows Border Patrol Car Intentionally Hit Native American Man

Posted By PowWow Articles June 18th, 2018 Last Updated on: January 19th, 2022

A man from the Tohono O’odham tribe in Arizona posted a video earlier this week that shows a border patrol agent intentionally running over a tribal member.

From a New York Times article:

“Leaders of the tribe have expressed opposition to President Trump’s pledge to build a wall through their land along the border.

Largely because officials strengthened security at other points along the border, the reservation of the Tohono O’odham has emerged as an important transit point for unauthorized immigrants and drug traffickers, leading to frequent encounters with law enforcement and the Border Patrol.

Some in the reservation said the vehicle incident was part of a history of federal agents acting with impunity on their land. They pointed to an episode in 2003 in which a Border Patrol agent, Cody Rouse, ran over and killed a Tohono O’odham teenager, Bennett Patricio.

A federal judge cleared Mr. Rouse in 2006 of wrongdoing in the case.”

Click here to read the rest of the article.

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Cherokee Wampus Cat

Unfortunately, it looked kinda staged as well. 1)There were already fresh tire marks exactly where they were lined up to barely bump into him. 2) He had no reason to walk into the road. 3) He was not actually ran over more bumped and he overkillef his fall. 4) My 3 year old takes harder falls than that & yells ‘I’m okay!” & gets up & does it again.
C’mon folks damn! Cowboy the eff up! You couldn’t have survived my childhood, much less adult life! Be thankful you are alive!-No one owes you s#!+! If you want something get off your @$$ & earn it! No body gave me anything. Single mom with 2 kids, I don’t ask for help with anything, I teach my kids to earn everything from daylight to dark, education and work, if they have to work & scrub toilets then get 2 jobs but scrub toilets too
You earn your way in life. Don’t wait for hand outs. We are supposed to be PROUD, STRONG, PEOPLE…. GO HARD OR GO BURU YOUR HEAD IN THE DIRT! EARN IT!!! IT GIVES YOU A PURPOSE & PRIDE!!!

Jon Aid

I don’t even know where to start but the lack of respect for all people is becoming the norm for the authorities.

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