Versace Says This is a Native American Tribute – Thoughts?

Versace Says This is a Native American Tribute – Thoughts?

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown October 2nd, 2017 Last Updated on: October 2nd, 2017

I am certainly no expert on fashion, so I am not really seeing the appeal of this shirt just on looks alone. But throw in the fact that there's Native American imagery plastered all over it and I'm definitely out.

Versace released a new collection of Versace Tribute shirts and this one in particular caught the eye of folks on the Internet. It's a $750 shirt that's called a tribute to Native Americans, but all I am seeing is someone's romanticized visions of the American West.

The Tribute Collection recently walked down the runway, and Kendall Jenner was spotted in this outfit:


And people were understandably upset when it's called a tribute, yet there's no money being shared with any tribes, Native foundations, nonprofits or anything of the like.

So instead of buying Native inspired clothing, we once again ask that you support Native artisans and designers.

Beyond Buckskin has a great list of Native-owned businesses and is a great place to start your journey!

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Toyacoyah Brown is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, currently living in Chicago. She received her B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma and an M.A. in Media Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. When she's not scouring the Internet for fun things to share with PowWows.com readers you can find her digging for vinyl in her local record store or curling up with a good book.

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Channahzohara Bahira

No this is not representative of Native America. Were any Indigenous Peoples contacted or asked their opinions as to art-design or invited to participate in the creative process? Were any First Nations peoples invited to be models? Have any $ proceeds been awarded to the numerous Native American organizations?


Clement hit the nail on the head !!……the trouble is not the “clothes”, the trouble is and has been the “greed” behind it all and the fact that no one acknowledges this fact. Come on people, an heartfelt apology and a recognition of hurts, damages done would at least be a start to a healing process. The WOUND is very deep and will take “time” to heal !!!


If you’re trying to pay tribute to the North America tribes, do it by acknowledging their Treaties. Press your American government to Honor these Treaties, if that’s all possible.


I think it is awesome how versace even went that far as representing natives on their top notch couture… but on the other hand should have real natives model the shirt and not a snooty rich brat!! donate money to tribes who need help financially..come on like donatella needs the $??


stop whining – we are global and we have telephones on the reservation – we wear close from a variety of designers – we eat food outside of our
‘tribal” heritage – good grief – get over this resentment and get on with life.


Quite the opposite. Get back to your roots people. And close is actually spelled ” clothes “

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