Traditional Beadwork – Storytelling With Your Hands

Traditional Beadwork – Storytelling With Your Hands

Posted By Paul G March 22nd, 2018 Blog

Jay Roberts and Ace Greenwood are proud Chickasaw citizens. Recently they talk about traditional beading. For them, beading means so much more.

Ace Greendwood said, “This is things that you know this is who my people are…”

They describe beading as storytelling with your hands.

Ace said,” Now all that I have, you know. Everything that we have, you know tells a story.”

Jay never forgot to mention about the color green. According to him, it is their family color. They never forget to use green in their beadwork.

Jay said, “So we try to use floral a lot, you know earth colors.”

Jay and Ace are from the family of bird clan, so they try to include bird patterns and bird designs.

Watch the full video below:

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One thought on “Traditional Beadwork – Storytelling With Your Hands

  1. Jonell Adams says:

    Clean, very fine work and so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your stories.

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