Top 5 Instagram Posts Of The Week!

Top 5 Instagram Posts Of The Week!

Posted By Corinne Oestreich July 30th, 2018 Blog

Each week I will be choosing my top 5 favorite photos on Instagram!

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Ever since I was in high school I wanted to travel within the United States before traveling abroad. I realized at a young age there’s so much beauty in these lands. I’m fortunate enough to have had work opportunities that took me outside the country, though first I wanted to focus on the beauty that resides in the states. Throughout college I made it my mission to travel cross-country, knowing that I’d feel more connected with myself and feel more alive. The last year and a half post-graduation Ive spent working on the road, experiencing new foods and meeting great people. We learn so much when traveling. Sometimes even more than sitting in a classroom. Lately I’ve been feeling this new urge to travel outside the states. Looking forward to traveling abroad soon and the road ahead. #paradigmshift

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