Top 5 Instagram Posts of the Week!

Top 5 Instagram Posts of the Week!

Posted By Corinne Rice November 26th, 2018 Last Updated on: November 26th, 2018

Each week I will be choosing my top 5 favorite photos on Instagram!

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Day 5 prompt #intothedepths : Who do you spend the most time in your life WITH, thinking ABOUT, talking TO or fixating ON? For each of these relationships, what needs attention first and is there a common theme to conflicts you experience with each of these people. // I spend much of my time with my husband and daughter. My life is surrounded with school, daughters dance and teaching yoga. I fixate a lot on if I’m being a good example for my kids and others whom look up to me. I never think about if I’m happy with what I’m doing. My thoughts also go to expanding my yoga business. I’m happy with the path I’ve chosen. I just want to be able to create my following and help others. Am I enough? Can I do this? Will they like me? Lastly, another thing I fixate on is feeling “empty” since I haven’t been dancing jingle as much. Am I happy with this and how can I change it? My life has been good with my hubby. I have no gripes to share. That I can be thankful for. I may not have a huge emotionally compelling story – but the observation I made with this prompt is what I’ve shared. @butiyoga, @breakmethod @themoderngoodshow @bizziegold​​​​​​​

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The truth about my strength is not one that many people would guess. It wasn’t from motivation for success or to inspire. It wasn’t from any drug enhancements or secret diet supplementation. I just chose to never feel vulnerable again. I could never trust anyone growing up. All it took was one cold shoulder from my family for me to look to myself for the rest of my up bringing. The gym has been my release for all my emotions and it got to the point where I would feel so lost of who I am that deadlifting 600lbs felt like air. So I pushed to lift more and more weight all these years just to feel something. I built myself to bury that feeling of vulnerability but it’s still there . All these years, it’s been easier to put on a mask and push away those who got too close to knowing me. It even affects my relationship with Bray. It took me a very long time to realize there’s not enough weights to bury these feelings🤦🏽‍♂️ Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no better for choosing the gym as my outlet than drugs or alcohol. I’ve just seen what it does and it’s one of the reasons I’ve carried so much. So Ive now decided that I am going to change and open up to find myself and be who I want to be. But I couldn’t start without Bray. She seen passed the bullshit and really got me to look at myself. It’s tougher than ever. It takes more strength than deadlifting 635lbs. There’s a reason I haven’t been posting much lately. It’s been an everyday battle. . Lifting weights is one thing, but it’s time I lift my spirit. @bray_danae #motivation

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