Top 5 Instagram Photos of the week!

Top 5 Instagram Photos of the week!

Posted By Corinne Oestreich September 13th, 2018 Blog

Each week I will be choosing my top 5 favorite photos on Instagram!

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•FINDING A POWWOW• So many people have asked where they can find one. Well did you know that during powwow season you can find one every weekend? 😃 @powwowscom LIVE STREAMS damn near every major powwow and has a whole calendar of events. They also featured me thanks to Mohawk writer @misscorinne86 so HOLLA! Check out their website to find one near you. 😃 FB is also a good resource to find them in your area. Stay away from Google, it doesn’t pick up the events very well. 😒 But beware, once the Grand Entry starts, prepare to be full with emotion as soon as the singing starts and you hear the drums. I felt this sudden urge to cry because everything was so beautiful. 😭 But before you go, watch the POWWOW highlight so you don’t go in acting like a basic bitch. And for those of you asking to share with your history classes, YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO SHARE EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL HERE. It would be cool to give credit but even if you don’t, knowledge is meant to be shared. This is for you. 📸 The dancers photographed from left to right are: Cora Gillette, Ashley Baker, and @gooddaywoman.

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