Top 5 Instagram Photos of the Week!

Top 5 Instagram Photos of the Week!

Posted By Corinne Rice September 19th, 2019 Last Updated on: September 19th, 2019

Each week I will be choosing my top 5 favorite photos on Instagram!

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"MMIW: Never Forgotten" What is depicted, is an oil pastel drawing of a pair of moccasins sitting upright in a puddle of water, but the puddles reflection shows the figure of a woman who is no longer in those moccasins. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.. Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, cousins, friends.. This is a pandemic that has been far too ignored and pushed aside within and outside our communities. And what is gross is that when I presented the original drawing at the Santa Fe Indian Art Market, the white people knew nothing about this. Which is to be expected do to the fact that the truth our history, existence and beliefs are always contorted and falsely shared within our schools. This subject is always a harsh subject but must ALWAYS be taught and spoken of because we are the living vessels who can fight for those precious souls who are fighting for the justice that these women and the families rightfully deserve. As a friend to a woman from my hometown who was murdered 7years ago, this is all I can do is to spread awareness of the bright spirit she has always been. Not only is this a tribute to her but to all women and families who have suffered such losses. My friends killer still has not been found and its is Not just hers, there are thousands and thousands of cases that are like this ALL THE TIME. Some of which arent even known and are logged into police data bases as "JANE DOE" with the race as "WHITE". Stopping this starts within our own homes. Teach your children right, and stop harboring those who condone this abuse/violence. You are only enabling trauma and are a part of the problem. Fight and protect all life. #mmiw #coupcountdesignz #ledgerart #ledgerartist #oglalalakota #nomorestolensisters #pastelart #waterreflection #moccasins

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