Top 15 Most Popular Stories of 2016

Top 15 Most Popular Stories of 2016

In 2016 we published over 550 stories on, from Gathering of Nations, Standing Rock, mascots, issues, protests, celebrations, sports and more!  We appreciate you reading and sharing these stories!  Look for more great articles in 2017!

Below are the 15 most popular stories published on in 2016!

10 Ways You Can Help the Standing Rock Sioux Fight the Dakota Access Pipeline


Everyone keeps asking they can help fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, since we all can’t physically be on the front lines in North Dakota. I’ve posted links to the Sacred Stone Camp Legal Defense as well as their camp GoFundMe page on previous posts already, but there are other ways you can help out! I kept seeing this list of 10 ways to help out on various Facebook posts so I thought it would be a good idea to share here too.
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Native Americans in Rio 2016 Summer Olympics


The 2016 Summer Olympics from Rio starts August 5!

During the games, there will be 3 Native Americans competing.  Let’s cheer on these indigenous athletes.

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Stop the Cuteness! Baby Practicing Pow Wow Moves

How adorable is this?! Ashlee Raining Bird shared this cute video on her Facebook page. Check out Devan Kicknosway and baby practicing their sneak up moves!
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Laura Grizzlypaws at Gathering of Nations


We’ve featured Laura Grizzlypaws before.  Her Bear Dancing is incredible to watch!
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Golden Globe Shout Out To First Nations

leonardo-dicaprios-golden-globe-shout-out-to-first-nationsAt the 2016 Golden Globe Awards, Leonardo DiCaprio won Best Actor for The Revenant.  The movie is based on true events of a fur trader in the 1820s.

During his acceptance speech Leonardo thanked the First Nations people involved in the film.  Then went on to tell the world to listen to the First Nation people!
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What Happens When Americans Try Native Cuisine?


In another hilarious video from Buzzfeed, we find out what happens with typical Americans try Native American foods. How do you think they’ll react? Watch and see!

Consensus? “I bet this is what you eat when you have your life together.” Haha! In other words, healthy and tasty.

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Justice Department Now Investigating Police Shooting of Navajo Loreal Tsingine

justice-department-now-investigating-police-shooting-of-navajo-loreal-tsingineLoreal Tsingi was shot and killed in Arizona.  Deputies were responding to a shop lifting call.  According to Officer Shipley attempts were made to detain Tsingi.  The officer noticed a pair of scissors in her hand.  According to his statement, he gave several commands for her to drop her weapon.  The Officer, again according to his statement, felt threatened and claimed she swung the scissors.
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Blind Young Man’s Dance Will Make Your Heart Sing


Facebook user Nikki Lynn Erasmus was recently at the Onion Lake Cree Nation Pow Wow enjoying the music and dancing. While she was watching the competitions, she noticed her friend entering the arena alongside a little boy who was about to dance in the junior boy’s traditional category. When she realized that the boy was blind and her friend Zane Wade was guiding him, she got all emotional.
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Jingle Healing Dance For Families of Missing and Murdered

During the 2016 Manito Ahbee Jingle dancers surrounded the families of Missing and Murdered.  The women danced around the families for their healing.
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Taboo debuts video for new song ‘Stand Up/Stand N Rock’


Taboo, a solo Hip Hop artist as well as a member of the Black Eyed Peas, has been very vocal about his support of Standing Rock and the NoDAPL movement. He recently played at Standing Rock for a benefit concert and now debuts a new song dedicated to the cause. “Stand Up/Stand N Rock” features Native musicians and allies such as actress Shailene Woodley, Tony Duncan on flute, Drezus, Supaman and a

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Khaliya Kimberlie (Mescalero Apache) on NBC’s “The Voice” !!!

khaliya-kimberlie-mescalero-apache-on-nbcs-the-voiceA star is born.  Hailing from the Mescalero Apache reservation in New Mexico., is 16 year old, Khaliya Kimberlie!!

In her promo leading up to her live audition, Miley Cyrus mentioned to Blake Shelton that they haven’t had to fight over a country musician yet.  Cue Khaliya.

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This Young Man’s Dance Will Warm Your Heart

this-young-mans-dance-will-warm-your-heartCheck out this young man’s dance and blessing for the New Year. Kristen Denise Lowdog posted a video of nine-year-old Ashton dancing for all of our warriors out there. It’s already been viewed 650,000+ times! I hope you enjoy it as well!
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BYU Natives Rock Their Mocs with Style!


Here’s a fun video for you guys! Michael Goedel, hoop dancer who dazzled Cirque du Soleil audiences with his skills, posted this awesome video of the BYU Tribe Of Many Feathers students rocking their mocs. Check out the fancy footwork!


Heartbreaking – Second Switched-at-Birth Case Discovered at Indian Hospital


As i am other, it’s heartbreaking to watch this video. Two men, best friends, in the Norway House Cree Nation community in Manitoba, recently discovered they were switched at birth.

All throughout their lives, people had joked about David Tait Jr. and Leon Swanson not looking like their parents.

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The Pow Wow Drums Calls To Autistic Young Dancer


This past weekend I followed the social media posts of Wayne Silas Jr. during the Menominee Nation Pow Wow.  The pride from this father beamed through his posts.  This was a story we had to share!
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