Top 15 Most Popular Stories of 2021 on PowWows.com

Posted By PowWow Articles December 24th, 2021 Last Updated on: March 2nd, 2022

Below are the 15 most popular stories published on PowWows.com in 2021!

Thanks to you for reading and sharing our stories in 2021, I appreciate all your support!

What was your favorite story of 2021?

Top 15 Most Popular Stories of 2021 on PowWows.com

#1 Top 15 Most Popular Stories of 2020 on PowWows.com

Posted By PowWow Articles January 8th, 2021 Last Updated on: November 12th, 2021

Below are the 15 most popular stories published on PowWows.com in 2019!

Thanks to you for reading and sharing our stories in 2020, I appreciate all your support!

What was your favorite story of 2020?

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#2 Explore Native – 2021 Native American Heritage Month Giveaway – Presented by Eighth Generation


Posted By Paul G October 31st, 2021 Last Updated on: November 8th, 2021

Let's celebrate Native American Heritage Month with an epic giveaway!

Explore Native is our annual challenge that will show you ways to Explore Native American Culture during Native American Heritage Month.

Whether you are a Pow Wow dancer, a Native American scholar, or just someone interested in Native Culture, Explore Native will provide you with new ways to learn about this vibrant culture.

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#3 Here Are the 10 States With the Biggest Native American Populations

Posted By PowWows.com January 18th, 2021 Last Updated on: December 18th, 2021

Rep. Deb Haaland, a member of the Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico, will become the first Indigenous cabinet secretary in the U.S., which would put her in charge of nearly 86,000 square miles of tribal land. The move signals a significant step forward for the country’s Native American population, which has grown to nearly 7 million people (alone or in combinations with another race).

That number spans 574 federally recognized and 63 state-recognized tribes. By the year 2060, that figure is projected to jump to 10 million people.

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#4 Native American Tattoos: 50 of the Most Intricate Designs

Posted By BrittanyLCerny February 16th, 2021 Last Updated on: December 18th, 2021

Native American tattoos have been all the rage for years.

While some non-Native people get tattoos of tribal chiefs, geometric designs, nature, totems, dream catchers, and spirit animals that represent the Native American cultures, people who are actually Native often get them for more personal reasons. 

The ritual of getting a Native American tattoo

The process of getting a tattoo is a privilege and a ritual in itself for many Native people. They may want to celebrate their heritage or wear a symbol of power, protection, and strength.

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#5 Top Cherokee Baby Names

Posted By BrittanyLCerny June 2nd, 2021 Last Updated on: December 18th, 2021

Are you looking for a list of the top Cherokee baby names? You’ve come to the right place!

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important and fun decisions you get to make leading up to the birth. If you're seeking some inspiration, these Cherokee baby names are beautiful, strong, and represent the Native culture.

We've included 50 of the top Cherokee names for boys and girls along with their respective meanings.

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#6 Why Do Army Helicopters Have Native American Names?

Posted By BrittanyLCerny March 3rd, 2021 Last Updated on: December 18th, 2021

If you look at the names of U.S. Army helicopters, you might notice something—Apache, Black Hawk, Chinook. Many of them bear Native American names.

But unless you have a military background or you watch a lot of World War II documentaries, you may not know the reason behind these tribal namesakes.

So, why do Army helicopters have Native American names?

Well, if you think about it, the U.S. Army has had some sort of military relationship with Native Americans since the American Indian Wars, which spanned more than 200 years.

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#7 2021 Gathering of Nations Virtual Pow Wow – Watch Online April 23-24, 2021

Posted By PowWow Articles January 6th, 2021 Last Updated on: April 24th, 2021

The Gathering of Nations
April 23-24, 2021
Virtual Event

Powwows.com will once again be live streaming The Gathering of Nations (GON), North America's largest Pow Wow, which be held virtually for the second straight year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

GON is a two-day experience featuring dynamic Pow Wow dancing, unforgettable Native music, the Traders' Market, and plenty more. Most of the traditional Pow Wow events will be held virtually, with the notable exception of Miss Indian World, which will be canceled for the second straight year.

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#8 Native American Indian Dog: Origin, Fun Facts, and How to Adopt One

Posted By BrittanyLCerny March 17th, 2021 Last Updated on: December 18th, 2021

If you've ever seen someone walking their dog, and you did a double-take to see if they were actually walking a wolf, it's entirely possible that that “wolf” was actually a Native American Indian Dog, or NAID.

While the breed bears a striking resemblance to the wolf, Native American Indian Dogs are actually not wolf hybrids.

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#9 2021 Native American Holiday Gift Guide

Posted By Brittany Cerny November 26th, 2020 Last Updated on: December 19th, 2021

Native American Gifts For Everybody!

The holiday season is upon us once again.

Despite what’s going on in the world today, there's still plenty to celebrate with your family and friends, and the holidays pose an excellent opportunity to do so.

Show your people what they mean to you by giving them something handmade by Native creators and designers who work with purpose-driven shops. Support these businesses and you're not just buying an amazing, unique Native product; you're buying an amazing story

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#10 How Many Native American Tribes Are There?

Posted By Baley Champagne January 11th, 2021 Last Updated on: December 19th, 2021

Across the United States, hundreds of Native American tribes continue their traditional lifeways to sustain their inherent sovereignty.

Today's Native American tribes descend from the original inhabitants of North America who have been making history for more than 20,000 years.

In early American history, tribes were forcibly removed from their lands and onto reservations so the U.S. Indian Agents could control and eventually exterminate them. From there, treaties formed, but not with honest intentions. In the last 180 years, most federally recognized tribes have survived on reservations. Some tribes escaped removal and distanced themselves from encroaching foreigners and their beliefs.

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#11 10 Things Native Americans Wish Everyone Else Knew

Posted By BrittanyLCerny February 22nd, 2021 Last Updated on: December 19th, 2021

Native Americans occupied much of the land in North America long before the United States of America ever raised its flag and claimed that land as its own. Yet, on the whole, Native communities are largely misunderstood by many Americans.

That's why it's important to make an effort to learn about other cultures of the people, like Native Americans, who inhabit the same land. Increasing awareness of other cultures increases respect, cooperation, communication and decreases stereotypes as well as ethnic and racial division. 

With that in mind, here are 10 things Native Americans wish everyone knew.

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#12 Adam Beach: Native American Actor Extraordinaire

Posted By BrittanyLCerny August 30th, 2021 Last Updated on: December 19th, 2021

Adam Beach is a well-known Native American actor, writer, producer, and philanthropist,

He was born in Manitoba, grew up on the Dog Creek First Nation Reserve, and is Anishinaabe. 

One meaning of Anishinaabe is “the good humans,” and Adam Beach is one of them, representing his fellow Natives and his community well.

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#13 ‘Stoodis!’ & ‘Skoden’ — ‘Reservation Dogs’ Puts NDN Slang in Focus

Posted By Jeanette Centeno October 4th, 2021 Last Updated on: December 19th, 2021

The hit series “Reservation Dogs,” created by Sterling Harjo and Taika Waititi, has accomplished something few other shows have: it's managed to introduce a mainstream audience to Native American culture without leaning on reductionist stereotypes. The show's mass appeal is undeniable but it still manages to “feel Native,” and it's prompting a wave of praise from critics and fans alike. Look no further than the show's use of Native American or “NDN” slang.

Words such as “Skoden” (Meaning “Let's go then!”) should resonate with the show's legion of indigenous fans. But while these words and phrases could present stumbling blocks for many of the show's Non-Native viewers, that hasn't stopped the writers from making something unapologetically NDN. And the show is better for it. 

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#14 Indigenous Definition: How To Use It Correctly and Related Terms To Avoid

Posted By PowWow Articles May 12th, 2021 Last Updated on: December 19th, 2021

What does “indigenous” mean?

You may have noticed an uptick in usage of the word in recent years. Perhaps you’ve heard Native Americans using “indigenous” to describe themselves.

Now, there’s even a holiday that bears the term.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is celebrated across the United States on the second Monday in October and is an official city and state holiday in various localities. The holiday celebrates and honors Native American people and commemorates their histories and distinct cultures (Do you know how many federally recognized Native American tribes are in the U.S.?).

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#15 Indian Land Sign: The Art Installation That’s Turning Heads

Posted By BrittanyLCerny June 2nd, 2021 Last Updated on: December 19th, 2021

You can see the letters from the “Indian Land” sign from miles away in the desert of Coachella Valley.

The sign's resemblance to its counterpart 125 miles to the northwest is unmistakable, but this is much more than an indigenous take on The Hollywood Sign. 

Created by artist Nicholas Galanin, this installation is part of the Desert X 2021 exhibition.

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