Top 15 Most Popular Stories of 2019 on PowWows.com

Posted By Paul G January 7th, 2020 Last Updated on: January 19th, 2022

Below are the 15 most popular stories published on PowWows.com in 2019!

Thanks to you for reading and sharing our stories in 2019, I appreciate all your support!

What was your favorite story of 2019?

Top 15 Most Popular Stories of 2019 on PowWows.com

#1 – How Much Native American Am I? | Blood Quantum Calculator & Chart

Just got your DNA test and want to know more?  Or do you want to validate the family stories about your heritage?

It is no surprise that many of us have a mixture of ethnicities in our blood. One of those dominates which come directly from our parents but if we consider our grandparents or our great-grandparents then the story changes a little.

A very frequently asked question is the percentage or fraction of Native American a person is and there are many ways to depict that but first, we must clear out some things so that the calculations are clearer, easier and more accurate.

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#2 – 50 Common Native American Baby Names | Meanings for Boys & Girls

All new parents know naming your child is one of the hardest decisions you'll probably ever have to make.

Native American baby names are unique, and they have powerful, sentimental, and beautiful meanings behind them.

Anyone with an American Indian background can pay the ultimate homage to their heritage by giving their bundle of joy a classic Native American name.

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#3 – Our Favorite Native American Movies on Netflix – PowWows.com

For movie fans with an interest in various indigenous tribes that have lived throughout the Americas for millennia, Netflix offers a sizable collection of Native American movies choose from. Although some are decried for their stereotyping and inaccuracies, others do include representations more accurate and less insulting. Also, the ones chosen on this list have high ratings as entertainment.

Here are our favorite Native American movies on Netflix today!

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#4 – Native American Issues Today | Current Problems & Struggles 2020

Contemporary Native Americans face many challenges today. If you watch the news you'll see headlines about mascots, celebrities wearing headdresses, and pipelines. While these are important issues, there are other problems facing Native communities that are more significant.

These challenges are experienced socially, economically, culturally and on many other fronts, and include but aren't limited to:

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#5 – 2019 San Manuel Pow Wow – December 13-15 – San Bernardino, CA

New Dates Announced for Weather-Postponed San Manuel Pow Wow

The 24th Annual Pow Wow Hosted at San Manuel Stadium on December 13-15, 2019

The best Native American dancers, drum groups and artisans from across North America will gather at San Manuel Stadium in downtown San Bernardino the weekend of December 13 to celebrate their culture and spiritual roots at the 24th Annual San Manuel Pow Wow. Dancers and drummers will compete for over $250,000 in prizes in a unique showcase of Native American culture.

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#6 – 10 of the Best Native American Museums in the United States

Whether you live on the west coast, the east coast, or somewhere in between, there are plenty of opportunities to experience and appreciate Native American history and culture, both past and present, through Native American museums, sprinkled throughout the U.S.

Sadly, many of these cultural centers and museums are not usually thought of as famous local or national sites to visit. However, with this list, we hope to bring some much-deserved awareness to these ten Native American museums.

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#7 – Native Elder Nathan Phillips In Viral Video With High School Students

A video from Washington DC has gone viral today.  In just a few hours the video already has over 1 million views on Youtube.  Also included below is a video showing the entire incident, almost 2 hours unedited.

The video was recorded during the Indigenous People's March on January 18, 2019 by KC Noland.

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#8 – Statements from Nick Sandmann – Young Man In Video with Nathan Phillips

Social media has exploded this weekend with reaction to the videos of Nathan Phillips and a group of students from Covington Catholic.

The student seen most prominently in the video is Nick Sandmann.  He has released a statement today.  See below for his statement.

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#9 – Wes Studi: A Film Icon and Native American Oscar Winner

In the vast world of film, a few Native American actors stand out.

One of these actors is Wes Studi, who starred in some of the most famous depictions of Native Americans, including Dances with Wolves (1990) and The Last of the Mohicans (1992). In a world that doesn’t always value authenticity—after all, there have been many instances of Native Americans being played by people who are not Native at all—Studi is a genuine Native American actor who approaches all his roles with the utmost respect and poignancy.

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#10 – Myths about Native Americans – No Taxes, Free Housing, Free Education

There are many myths that seem to revolve around Native Americans; they start from things like they live within and use resources of the United States for free to the idea that they don’t seem to pay any sort of taxes. Let’s delve a little deeper into these ideas and see whether they have any or some truth value.

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#11 – Young Spirit Singers Rocks The Red Carpet Of The Grammys

Young Spirit Singers are nominated for the Best American Roots Performance at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Today they arrived at the red carpet in a limo provided by Gabrielle Union Wade. 

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#12 – Benefits for Native Americans

Your Options and How to Receive Them

Too many Native American individuals and families across the United States do not receive the benefits they are entitled to. This stems from gross mismanagement, inefficiency, and simply lack of understanding about what it truly available for the people. The two main US government agencies[i] that deal with these things include the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the federal Social Services organization (FASS).

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#13 – Top Native American Documentaries – Learn The Real Story of Native Culture in History and Today

Learning with documentary movies and TV series captures the mind and helps you experience the truth about a particular time, place, or people in a more engaging way. Native American documentaries have shown glimpses of both historical events, individuals, and current issues that have to do with the first nation's people who have called the Americas home for far longer than European settlers.

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#14 – Watch this video of Indigenous groups rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody

Whangārei Kapa Haka group stole the show on Thursday with an amazing cover of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody' – all in te reo Māori.

Hātea Kapa Haka collaborated with internet star William Wariiua to pay tribute to the late Freddie Mercury, and to celebrate the release of the Queen biopic, also titled Bohemian Rhapsody.

ogether, the group and Mr Waiirua created a music video for their cover, and on Thursday they took to the stage for a live performance.

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#15 – Interview With Alexis Raeana – Lumbee Singer Wins Golden Ticket On American Idol – Pow Wow Life

Listen to my interview with Lumbee singer Alexis Raeana. She auditioned for this season of American Idol and made it to Hollywood Week!

Find out what happened in Hollywood.

Show Notes

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