TKO–Wampanoag Style!

Posted By PowWows.com February 17th, 2015 Last Updated on: July 6th, 2018


by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor


K.O. Kali Reis,the  #1 US Female Middleweight Boxer fights in Germany on March. 7,2014.!  The unique aspect about Kali in the boxing industry is that she is the 1st Native American Female World Champion! Her rich heritage includes Cherokee, Nipmuc and Seaconke Wampanoag blood; however, she fights for all nations. Not only is she a boxer but she is a role model/ mentor motivational speaker, fitness trainer, health and wellness coach, community leader, and model.






Kali Reis a.k.a “K.O” the #1 Female Middleweight Boxer in the US and #2 in the World is scheduled to fight Christina Hammer who is the #1 in the World and is the current World Boxing Organization (WBO) Champion. They are fighting for the WBO and the vacant World Boxing Council (WBC).


The bout will be held on March 7th in Magdenburg, Germany. It’s a 10 round (2 min rounds) at a max weight of 160lbs. The weigh in is March 6th at approximately 3pm local time.


On November 21,2014 Kali fought in Bermuda against Teresa Perrozi who was the former World Boxing Association (WBA) for champion for the vacant International Boxing Association (IBA) Middleweight World Title. She currently has 7 wins, 3 KO, 3 loses, and 1 draw.

Kali had a challenging childhood as she grew up in the tough neighborhoods of Providence, Rhode Island and that sparked her interest in boxing.


She trains out of BIG SIX BOXING in Providence, RI; H.E.A.R.T Performance Strength and Conditioning in New Bedford, MA; and FAF Gym in Holbrook, MA. She is determined and completely focused on bringing the WBO and WBC belts home!Become a KO fan at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/KO-Kali-Reis/724757910946035?ref=bookmarks 

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Caminando Agila the good hunter

Kali that is the name of the eastren Indian goddess whoes colour is often blue and yes your right this sort of shawl is seen also on jingle dress dancers too as well as tribal mothers, daughters and sisters and none should be seen doing any pose in two piece bikini’s or sexual symbol, that is litrally almost a tribal council expectation, all of us know both men and women sit on the tribal coulcil board, in the 2013s Powwow the Jingle Dress dancer’s commenatator who is part of the council board noted that there are certain things Jingle Dress dancers do not do and that is appear as any or for of sexual symbol whatsoever, aside from that she seems to have some support however I do not think she should be fighting any tribal woman, that would be like provding meat for fies, aside from that thisis a grown woman who makes her own choices but not I agree as a tribal fighter with that image, it is not cohesive to the rest of the tribal women in the least

Jenn Runs Close To Lodge

Dear Pow-wows.com,
Scrolling through my Facebook feed this afternoon I saw pictures of strong and beautiful Northern Cheyenne and Northern Arapaho running across snowy windswept roads in honor of those tribal members killed in the Sand Creek Massacre. I saw a video of 4 beautiful and strong Native American Women Veterans carrying in flags into the Minnesota Vikings football arena as they participated in a half time show. I saw pictures of serene and beautiful native grandmother’s proudly posing with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday. Then I saw this. I see that the article is over a year old, ]erhaps your staff added it into some of the articles and stories that you have been running for Native American Month because they felt it should stand next to the stories like 5 Native American Women You Should Know. Whatever the reason was, I am deeply offended by the use of a woman’s shawl in the picture that was used to grab our attention. I am deeply offended that someone thought this was an appropriate use of an object that is irrevocably tied to our identity as a native woman. Why does ‘TKO’ feel this is an appropriate way to express her heritage is beyond me, but I expect better from you Pow-wow.com. You could have chosen to not include that picture in this article. Plain and simple.
There is nothing sacred or ceremonial about a shawl, it is just a piece of fabric, four sides, fringed or not fringed. However, what that shawl represents, in its many different forms, is our women. Our grandmother’s who wear them for warmth, who carried their children and grandchildren snuggled warmly inside, Our mothers, who wore them to honor their family members who had been killed in battle, who wiped tears and faces with the corner, who provided comfort to those in mourning, and to celebrate those victories of their family and tribe, from the defeat of an enemy to celebrate a college degree.Shawls were worn by our great grandmothers to shield us from the coming dangers, those storms in which we had no other protection from. We made shawls together, decorated to celebrate achievements or honor those who have gone home, they represent who we are and who we aspire to be, strong Native women who offer comfort and hope. I don’t know ‘TKO’, nor do I care to know her. I hope she reads my message though, and finds that small twinge of embarrassment for using a shawl to cover her barely clad body. Pow-wows.com, there are still many of us out in this big wide world who still have a very traditional view in this contemporary world, reading the comments on the Facebook post showed me how many others shared my disappointment. Please at least remove the picture, with all of the objectification against native women out there, we don’t need one of our own sources to perpetuate those same stereotypes that result in violence against our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters sisters, aunts, and nieces.
Jenn Runs Close To Lodge
November 28, 2015

Paul G

Thanks for your comments, we appreciate the feedback.

Larry Fisher

Wow this is amazing, she is really about fighting for all nations in indian country Kali is a leader here in the northeast

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