This Week In Indian Country – April 4, 2023

This Week In Indian Country – April 4, 2023

Join Paul G to talk about the upcoming Pow Wows, news, and more each week on “This Week In Indian Country”.

This Week In Indian Country - April 4, 2023

Paul: Hello and welcome to this week in Indian country. I'm Paul Gowder from And this is the show each week where I'm going to catch you up on some of the stories we've got on, upcoming Powwows, some of our featured people on Shop Native and companies, and some of the performers that we feature over on Native Talent. So welcome, welcome. Thank you for being here. I hope you're having a wonderful week. So also, I want to remind you, we have a contest going on on right now.

We're giving away three eighth generation blankets as we count down the days until the 2023 Gathering of Nations powwow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It's April and it is time for Gathering Nations. We're just like, what, three weeks away, four weeks away? It's just not long now. I get nervous talking about it because we've got so much going on, but I'm excited to be back and we're hosting this contest. We're giving away three 8th generation blankets and you can enter daily for more chances to win. At the end of this video, I'll give you a bonus code that you can get some extra entries for, so check that out here in a second.

So also I'm super excited we've got some new products over on check out I'm wearing one now we've got a new trucker hat with the Powwows Nation logo on it it's for sale right there $26.99 with free shipping and we've got lots of other things check it out over at shop we've also got some new stickers let me grab those for you check these out. It's going to focus. I promise it's going to focus. There it goes. All right. So you can see them. These are really cool. So those are available as well. You can go check that out and support We appreciate that. All right.

So let me get to, let's talk about first, some of these stories that are going on and some of the new things we've got, some of the stories we've published over on First off, Native Pride Dancers, who's headed and founded by our good friend, Larry Yazzie. They are heading, to head over to Switzerland to perform this year. It is a, the Indian Folklore Festival has invited them. There's over 30,000 people gonna be there. And it's gonna be pretty exciting that a group of dancers are gonna get over there and be able to share their culture in something like this that's featuring cultures from all over the world. So this is really exciting, but Native Pride does need your help.

They are trying to raise some funds to help get all their dancers over there. Once they get there, the festival is gonna take care of everything, transportation to get over there. So find out more over on link in the description below and they've started to go fund me to help raise some money for that. Another story I want to make sure everybody sees is there is a special performance of bear grease heading out to Albuquerque during the gathering nations and here I want you to learn more about what's going on with bear grease.

Paul: Get your tickets now I think that's a really great idea and I've got an interview with one of the writers and actresses coming up Thursday night on our regular weekly show but learn more about that over at Bear Grylls Live. Also a new thing on we've been doing is the deals of the week. And these are some specials I've been finding that I wanna pass on. Let me show you some things and why I wanna share this with you.

So this one is a Pendleton blanket that is 60% off right now on Here's another one. It's a Pendleton-style blanket. It is 24% off. It's crazy, right? This one is from Pendleton and it is 20% off these deals do expire. So be sure to go click on the link in the description to get these sales. This one is 40% off and we're working on an update. There's a new beanie that Pendleton put out. It's 60% off. And then we've got some other things too.

If you need a tool for your car or just around the house, this one, here's a coupon code that'll get you 15% off. Here's another magnetic flashlight and a telescoping thing. I'm always dropping stuff when I'm working. So this one's really cool. And Father's Day, Mother's Day is coming up. So this is kind of cool to think about that one's 15% off Anyways, we've got lots of specials in there And when you shop there these links do help support powers calm because if they're on Amazon and you shop with us Amazon We'll give us a small commission it cost you nothing extra.

So check those out and help support really appreciate that All right. Let's talk about the upcoming powwows over the next couple of weeks. There are so many Let me go through these Cherokees of Georgia's hosting their annual powwow down in St. George, Georgia April 6-8. You can see here some of the head staff. Tony Press is MC, Billy Kip, arena director. They're gonna have intertribal dancing. It says lots of dancing, no competition dancing, so bring the family and come on out. They're gonna have Thursday and Friday some guided tours and then lots going on throughout the weekend. So check that out if you're in the Georgia area.

The 51st annual University of Utah  Powwows its going on April 7&8 in City, Utah. Their theme this year is elevating Indigenous youth and our friend Taylor Begay, who's been on some of our shows before. He's a young MC out there in Navajo country. He's going to be the MC out there, so that's going to be pretty exciting to watch him. Southern Style is the head drum. Lots of other great head staff there. It's going to be a good weekend there in Salt Lake City, so check that out. The Kiowa Tribe Liaison Office of Veteran Affairs is having an art festival in Powwow April 7th and 8th in Carnegie, Oklahoma. So this is a pretty cool combination of some things going on.

If you're looking to not just go to a Powwow, but to see some great art, this might be for you. We've got, who always, let's see, Alex Fish is the head gore dancer. Yeah, lots of good head staff. The Kiowa Princess is gonna be there. They're inviting all the other princesses to come out and take part. The 30th annual powwow down in Ash, or excuse me, up north from me, Ashland, Oregon is happening. They're going to be having this paddle on the eighth and ninth. Um, grand entries one and seven, they're going to have some competition, junior, adult cat, junior, stew, adult categories, and, uh, an Eagle bustle special. So go check that out. If you were in that area. Relations and resilience powwow 2023. It's happening in Colorado Springs, Colorado We are the powwows are spread all over the place. I'm telling you if there's if you wherever you are, there's something happening They've got a lot going on here. They got contest dancing Southern Plains Medicine Bowl or some of the drums invited Tony Hedgepath who hallowed the pony out here from Carolina's area.

He's gonna be one of the arena directors That's gonna be a good one make sure you are in Colorado area this is a good one to go find out more about and to put on your calendar. April 8th the San Diego State University is hosting their powwow. Let's see they've been hosting the powwow since 1971 that's the year I was born so it's been around for a long time so they I'm sure they've got a great staff out there and gonna be put on on a good show. The Cal Poly Humboldt California Indian Big time and social gathering April 2023 in um art artica california i hope i'm pronouncing that right um so let's be going it's a one day powwow right there in the gyms at the forbes complex What else we got going on?

The 48th annual UC Davis powwow is happening in Davis, California. That's another one day powwow, 11 to eight. Got several out there in California. So if you're around, you got a lot to do. Now coming back over to the Carolinas, the 2023 Duke powwow is happening up in Durham, North Carolina. Grant entry 12 o'clock. This is another one day powwow. And let's see, they've got War Paint there's gonna host drum they're gonna have a switch dance special that will be fun a two-step and a side step for the head lady that's gonna be great. All right, here's one. This is where I'm heading next week. The 2023 Tribal Public Health Conference is being hosted in Durant, Oklahoma. And so they are putting on a conference there at the Choctaw Casino Resort. Looking forward to this and we will be streaming some of this live. So if you are in the healthcare industry or tribal public health, come learn more about that. We'll have again, links down below. But also during this same time, they're hosting the Southern Plains Tribal Health Board Powwow.

So the Powwow will be be going on on Wednesday April 12th. It's just a one-day powwow in midweek as part of this conference but it should be a really good one. I mean they've got Joaquin Hamilton's, they're going to be the MC, Michael Roberts head lady, Rebecca Roberts head, I'm sorry Michael Roberts head man, Rebecca head lady, the Charlton Nation color guard is going to be, Comanche Little Ponies is going to be hosting the gore dancer. I mean this is going to be a good powwow so and we'll be streaming this or if you just want to get some powwow in on Wednesday evening, this is a way to do it. All right, here's April 14th through the 16th up in Marquette, Michigan.

The Jibway Group is hosting the host drum, the Boys, Woodland Singers. This is going to be good. Vince Spile is going to be out there as one of the emcees. If he's there, you know it's going to be a good time. He is going to make sure everybody has fun there. Rose State College annual powwow 2023 in Midwest City, Oklahoma, April 15th. Another one day powwow. Maybe you can hit a couple in one weekend if you find some more of these. Randy Frazier is going to be out there. Lester Eagle. Some contest dancing. The 32nd annual Woodlands powwow, Woodlands and High Plains powwow. Excuse me. Uh, Morehead, Minnesota. That's up in a friend, Michael Gabbard's area.

I think he's actually heading to this. He might be on. There we go. Head male dancers his son Tim and arena director Mike Gabber. There we go. Mike helps us with our streaming. So if you are up there in Minnesota go support him. This is going to be a good one out there as well. All right, let's switch gears and let's talk about some of the things we have going on on the Shop Native site. If you're not aware our Shop Native is a directory of native-owned companies and products where we're just trying to feature and raise awareness for some of the great works and companies are doing and somebody amazing products they're producing.

So head on over to slash shop native to learn more about that. But here is our feature. We want to highlight somebody every week and this week we want to highlight Apache Coffee over at And you can see here profits from the purchase of Apache Coffee go to support the Apache Knight Foundation, which is 501c3. And so they are helping support their tribe out there. And that's really cool. Not only producing a great product and some really great coffee, but also helping support his home tribe there. And I love seeing that. Our native talent directory is the same thing, but these are for performers. These are singers, arena directors, powwow staff, or actresses and singers. So today we wanna feature our friend, Tanya Jo Hall. Tanya is of course a powwow dancer, champion dancer, jingle dress dancer, but she's also a comedian and motivational speaker and a singer.

You know, she you've been to powwows you've probably seen her out there, but if you've been on YouTube or Facebook You probably have seen her friend anti Beatrice. So that's that's Tanya and she does a great job and her comedy is Just amazing. She is She does a great job of really blending in modern indigenous Humor Mixing with a little traditional stuff, too so if youre looking for somebody to come out and speak or even do a little comedy. Go check out Tanya Johal. I think you'll enjoy her and she will be great for whatever event you need. And that's what our Native Talent Directory, slash native talent, that's what it's all about. If your corporation or your conference needs speakers or performers, that's where you go. And if you're in that area or if you're in that market, you have a group or you are a performer, please let us know and we'll add you to the directory. We wanna make sure we help elevate all of these amazing folks. Alright, so lets talk again about the contest we are giving away three eighth generation blankets at the end of this month as we count down the days to gather your nations and I promised you a bonus code for watching today's show and that is 240503 240503 good luck I hope it's you that wins that blanket slash win will get you into there and I do want to say a special thanks to and shout out for all of our folks over on powwow nation those are our supporters and members of our Patreon and they make this show and so much more content at possible. Thank you for that. And we really appreciate all our Patreon supporters.

If you'd like to support and want to be a part of this community, head on over to We'd appreciate your support and thanks for all of our long time supporters. All right, everybody. Again, my name is Paul Gowder with and this is our show this week in Indian country. Hope it gave you a little bit of information on what's going on next couple of weeks I hope you'll go find a powwow close to you and get out there and take put the family in the car and go head out to one of those powwows that you can find somewhere near you thanks everybody and have a great week.


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