This Week In Indian Country – April 18, 2023

This Week In Indian Country – April 18, 2023
This Week In Indian Country - April 18, 2023

Paul: Hello and welcome to this week in Indian country from I'm Paul Gowder and thank you for being here. This is the show where I share some of the stories that we have published on about some of the cool things that are happening all around North America. I'm going to tell you about some of the upcoming powwows because the powwow calendar is full and some other interesting facts and just make sure you are up to date with all the news and happenings. We are just over a week away from the biggest powwow of the year, Gathering of Nations Powwow. I'll be flying out next Thursday heading back to Albuquerque. Don't miss it. We're going to be streaming it live. will have it live on Facebook, YouTube, and the website. We'll be streaming the powwow and Stage 49, two separate streams. There's so much to see and do. Don't miss any of that next week. Also, don't forget, we do have a contest going on. We are giving away an eighth generation blanket, three of them, actually. for counting down the days to Gathering of Nations. And at the end of this video, I'll give you a bonus code that gets you extra entries. All right, let's go ahead and talk about the stories this week. Spirit Rangers on Netflix, an animated series geared toward preschoolers, has been renewed for season two. So super exciting. Over on we've done an interview with one of the creators and we got some other coverage there. So if you haven't seen Spirit Rangers, go check it out on Netflix. Really cool. Story number two. Some Inuit students invented a numbering system and they did this years ago and it was an easier way for them to keep, you know, to do the numbers because of the the actual way it looked. But the cool thing is, is that now computer programmers are finding ways that they can use this digitally and they're using this way of formulating math and stuff into now into digital products, which is really, really cool. The students also invented a card game, which you can see here, that helps them learn math principles. Super cool. Next, this film has been making all kinds of press and buzz and winning awards Fry Bread, Face and Me. Head over to and read more about this. It's a really cool show that we got in the trailer over there. I can't wait to see it. I'm hoping they're going to start showing it on streaming services soon Here's the lineup for stage 49 stage 49 is the music festival and gathering of nations. And it's always, they have tons and tons of people look at this list here. Uh, DJ logic, native roots, end power, uh, shark, Wayne, Osceola brothers. It's going to be a great, great festival of music. Don't miss that during our gathering of nations coverage. Here's one that's super cool. Tony Hawk worked with the Navajo nation to build a skate park. Tony has apparently, you know, over the years wanted to build skate parks for youth that didn't have ways to skate. Or, you know, they were in an areas that, you know, lots of people, places don't want skateboards running around stores or in store, storefronts and things like that, or in the middle of high traffic in areas. So he is his foundation works with people all over the country and build skate parks for youth. So the Navajo nation worked with him to build one. And what I absolutely love about this and you need to go watch it is the Navajo nation president. on a board and showed off some moves and the guy has some skills. It is pretty crazy. So many that you could do in all of this.

Woman1: Now, what do you do when you meet your child hero? Will you show off of course? And that is Navajo Nation President Dr. Boone Igren. There he goes. He jumped on a skateboard to impress none other than legendary.

Paul: Awesome. Love seeing that and somebody outside of Indian country coming and really helping which is really, Next story. So over on, I have started doing deals of the week. This is a, so we're finding and we're working with some partners to show us products that I think would be great for you. And they are at big discounts over at We are an Amazon affiliate, which means when you shop over at Amazon through us, Amazon gives us a small commission. It costs you nothing. And we're able to pass on some of these deals. So here's one. And my wife's already said that she wants this one. It is a food organizer and it's got really cool things for each type of food. So like in the powdered sugar, it actually inside the container, it has a little scoop just for powdered sugar. Really cool. And that is like 40% off this week or 25% off this week. Here's a really cool flashlight. You can put this in your powwow gear, keep it with you, really, really useful when you're traveling. This one is 38% off this week. Hand warmers. These are electronic hand warmers, not those little packets you have to buy and after a few hours they're no good. This is a rechargeable hand warmer that you can take with you to powwows. I mean, how often have you been sitting outside at these powwows and your hands are freezing? I know it happens to me all the time. And so here, this is a really cool product and it is 24% off with a $5 clipping coupon that Amazon gives you. All right, here's some other cool deals. This Pendleton coat is on Amazon. for 60% off this week. That's a good one. I love that one. It's tempting. I'm looking at it. Even better one, Mother's Day is coming up. Here's a Pendleton pocket keeper. Great for those, your mothers, your sisters, wives, 30% off this week. Also, here's another one, just in time for Mother's Day. Here's a nice scarf, and this one is 35% off. So be sure to head over to slash deals. and find out more about some of the special deals that we have over there. And we'll be updating that post every week. Now, let's talk about upcoming powwows. Let me flip over here and go through. The Powwow calendar is super full right now. There is a lot going on. Remember you can check out, you can download the whole Powwow in a book that we update every month, or we can just go to slash calendar and find Powwows near you. But here are just some of the ones happening in the next two weeks. The 33rd annual Minot State Powwow is happening in Minot, North Dakota. You can see the details here. It's going to be Friday and Saturday with contest dancing and they got some good prize money there if you're interested up there in the North Dakota area. Also the 53rd annual MSU Billings Powwow is happening up in Billings, Montana. the 54th annual celebration in Missouri, Missoula, Montana. Montana's got some powwows happening right now. That's another one you wanna check out. 54th annual, these powwows have been around for a while. They're gonna put on a good show for you. Down here in my neck of the woods, in South Carolina, Ridgeville, South Carolina's hosting the Edisto Natchez CUSO 46th annual powwow. You can see here, it's going to be Friday, Saturday, grand entries at six, one and five. So check out that for more information on that. 29th annual Powwow and Art Market is going to happen in Fort Collins, Colorado, April 21st through the 23rd. Always love it when they incorporate some good art in there. I mean, I love regular vendors too, but when they have even elevated and they bring in some painters and other artists, sculptures, it's really exciting. I love seeing some of that stuff too. So here's a good one to go check out down in the southwest. The 11th annual Columbia University powwow is happening April 22nd. One day powwow up there in New York, New York. A lot of people ask me if there is any powwows in New York City. And there you go. There's one. Here is another art market happening April 22nd and 23rd. Is there a second annual? This is taking place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Muskogee Nation is hosting that one. 32nd annual Washington University Powwow. This is gonna be in St. Louis, Missouri. A one day powwow grand entries at noon and six, and they've got some contest categories as well. Hey, look, they're gonna have a potato special and a two set special. That's gonna be super fun. I was at a powwow last week where they had a potato dance. It was really, really fun to watch. California State University is hosting their 10th annual powwow. This is gonna be April 22nd and 23rd in Carson, California. Northwestern University's second annual spring powwow happening April 22nd up in Evanston, Illinois. Lots of university powwows happening here in the spring. Really exciting to see these student organizations putting on powwows. Love seeing that. Here's another one. Penn State's 17th annual traditional powwow happening April 22nd and 23rd at state colleges at Penn State University. Grand entries. You can see the times there. It's gonna be Saturday and Sunday. You've got some great drums coming and you're going to have some contest dancing up there. If you're up there in the northeast, another good one to visit. There's so much happening on the calendar. I'm telling you right now, our calendar is just full of powwows. Make sure you find one near you because there is one happening. Second annual powwow for the planet in Las Vegas, Nevada. Another great spot. Hey, you know, need an excuse to head to Las Vegas. Here's your excuse. It's one day powwow happening April 22nd, grand entry at noon. It's gonna be 11 to seven. There you go. There is your excuse to head out to Las Vegas. And of course, gathering nations, how I mentioned this earlier, but this is the powwow is April 27th through the 29th. The powwow is actually the 28th and 29th. 27th is going to be the Miss Indian world traditional talent presentation. So much going on and we will have tons and tons of coverage. So if you're not able to go to this one, just follow along. But if you're there in person, please stop by and say hello. I'd love to see you. Native American comedy all star night. This is also happening in Albuquerque, New Mexico during the week of gathering of nations. This is gonna be at the South Broadway Cultural Center. They've got some great acts, including our friend Tanya Jo Hall and other comedians coming. This is gonna be a good one. If you're heading to Albuquerque, here's another thing you can go check out. As well as Bear Grylls will also be in Albuquerque during gathering of nations, putting on their Greece musical with that indigenous twist. 29th annual big time gathering powwow up in Pomoa. I don't know, I may butcher that in California. The graduation honor powwow in Carnegie, Oklahoma at the Kiowa Community Building. They're gonna be honoring some of their graduates of the class of 2023. And there you go. I was saying this earlier, but Bear Grease will be performing the 28th and 29th at the chemo theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is really, really cool that they have done a remake of Grease with that indigenous flair. Did an interview with one of the creators and stars a couple of weeks ago. If you can go learn more about that over at So much happening in Albuquerque next week. Native American skills day and historical powwow celebration in Interlochen, Florida. It's gonna be interesting. They're gonna have lots of exhibits, including wildlife exhibits, native arts and crafts, dancing, encampment displays, weapon demonstrations, and even hands-on workshops. So that's a great one to take the family out to and see some of those kinds of things. The annual Vicki Garland Memorial Powwow is gonna be happening in Pulaski, Tennessee presented by the Gills County Trail of Tears. There you go. And the working with the Lions Club. That's great to see a lot of community involvement in these powwows, April 29th and 30th. Another college powwow, Virginia Tech Spring 2023 powwow is happening up in Blacksburg, Virginia, April 29th. One day powwow, grand entries at noon. The Great Oak High School youth and social powwow 2023, April 29th in California at the high school there. So now we've had several college powwows, here's a high school powwow. All right, Restoring Resilience, powwow 2023, Tulsa, Oklahoma. They're going to be gore dancing, some contest dancing, and you can see here, the staff great lineup there. Comanche little pony is going to be hosting the gore dance. So I was at a powwow with them hosting gore dance last week. Speaking of here's one more story I did want to cover while I was out in uh, Oklahoma covering, um, and streaming the tribal health, tribal public health conference and their powwow. Uh, good friend of and myself, Alex Smith surprised his girlfriend with an engagement. Here we go. Sorry, I think I thought I hit play. And there you go. She finally realizes what's going on. Congratulations. So congratulations to them. All right. As promised told you about the contest that we've got going on at You can enter to win daily over at slash win. And here's your bonus code for watching today's video. One five seven. 830 take that over to slash when enter it and you get exclusive points that only from watching this video 157830 you can find bonus codes all over we've hidden them on other videos on the website and email newsletters They're all over the place and we'll be Posting lots of them during our live stream of gathering nations. So don't miss that Good luck in the contest. I hope it's you that wins one of those three blankets Thank you for being with me. This is our show where I just want to keep you caught up on some of the things happening in Indian country. There's so much going on. So I'm hoping got you a little bit at least caught up in a few things that may be going on, a few things that interest you. Please check out the links in our show notes in the description below for more information. Have a great week and I'll see you soon.

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