The Sioux Chef’s new Tatanka Food Truck Hits the Streets

The Sioux Chef’s new Tatanka Food Truck Hits the Streets


Sean Sherman, AKA The Sioux Chef, has been busy this past year with his catering business as well as many speaking engagements touting the health benefits of a pre-colonization diet. During one of his talks he met with members of Little Earth, a group that helped create affordable housing in South Minneapolis for Native Americans in the 1970s. They had recently acquired a food truck and thought Sherman would be the perfect person to help create a menu for their new venture. Thus, the idea for Tatanka Truck was born!


But you won't find frybread or NDN tacos on the menu. Instead we have a healthy Indigenous Taco option and the description sounds absolutely delicious! Is it Taco Tuesday yet?

Indigenous Tacos – Large and open-faced served on grilled native corn and bean bread with heirloom beans, organic and wild greens with wojapi (native berry sauce). Your choice of topping includes Bison, Walleye, Turkey or Squash.

Think we can get these guys to do a cross-country tour?

For a listing of locations where the Tatanka Truck will be (most likely Minnesota only), head over to their Calendar on Or follow along on social media outlets Twitter: and Facebook:

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