The Next 25 Years Giveaway

Posted By Paul G December 18th, 2021 Last Updated on: February 22nd, 2022

In 2021 we celebrated 25 years of PowWows.com!

Now let's celebrate what will come in the next 25.

Note – I wanted to start this contest on January 1, 2022.  However I will be out of town, so I've started it early.  More details about the contest and prizes will be posted in January.  

Whether you have been with PowWows.com since 1996 or you just found us, I want to re-introduce you to all of our features!  With this contest, I'm going to highlight just some of the amazing content we have developed over 25 years including our community, videos, articles, and more.  With the contest form below, you can visit pages and complete tasks to earn more points.  I will also be sending you emails throughout the contest.  These emails will contain links for you to visit.  On those pages, you can find bonus codes to enter in the form below for more contest entries.  I will also release bonus codes on our podcast, live shows, and more places – keep an eye out for them!

Good luck!


The contest will feature 22 prizes including 10 Pendleton Blankets!

  1. Chief Joseph Pendleton Blanket
  2. Cheif Josesph Shawl
  3. Pendleton Serape Shawl
  4. Pendleton Serape Shawl
  5. Yakima Camp Blanket
  6. Yakima Camp Blanket
  7. Big Medicine Crib Blanket
  8. Chief Road Crib Blanket
  9. Dream Catcher Crib Blanket
  10. Prairie Rush Hour Crib Blanket
  11. PowWows.com Hoodie
  12. PowWows.com Hoodie
  13. PowWows.com Hoodie
  14. PowWows.com Hoodie
  15. PowWow.com T-Shirt
  16. PowWow.com T-Shirt
  17. PowWow.com T-Shirt
  18. PowWow.com T-Shirt
  19. PowWows.com Coloring Books
  20. PowWows.com Coloring Books
  21. Pow Wow Sticker Pack
  22. Pow Wow Sticker Pack


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CONGRATULATIONS Lucky Winners!!!!!

Edie Kolt

Pendleton…..now that’s a name synonymous with quality, durability, and craftsmanship.

Jamie Rivas

This is such a beautiful and meanful giveaway. May god bless our tribes ❤

LeAnn No Heart

What a beautiful blanket! I have a Pendleton purse, what a special prize!

Kakhaber Khmelidze

Thanks and good luck to you too!



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