Supaman’s Fans Know His Passion for Music, But He Has Another Passion…Powwows!

Posted By PowWows.com March 5th, 2014 Last Updated on: March 5th, 2014

Viral Video Sensation Supaman  has shaken the Internet with the storm of his “Prayer Loop Song” video! The Crow Nation hip hop artist is a dedicated powwow dancer. Instead of focusing on his music, Supaman discusses his powwow dancing and his tribal culture with Powwows.com in this visit.

Interview by Dr. Dawn Karima, Contributing Editor

Q) It's great to visit with you! A lot of us know your great music, but it's fun to talk about your dynamic powwow dancing today! Starting with the basics…tell us what you'd like us to know about you?
A) Some facts are I am an award winning Hip Hop artist/producer/comedian/Dj/fancy dancer/motivational speaker/father/husband and I love cheesecake!

Crow hip hop artist Supaman as photographed by Sings in the Timber!

Crow hip hop artist Supaman as photographed by Sings in the Timber!

Q) What is your Native heritage? How does your distinct background shape who you are as an indvidual?

I am from the Apsaalooke Nation (Crow) in Montana.  Some values we uphold are The Crow clan system and my clan is Ashshitchíte (Big Lodge). Another would be Oral traditions/stories.

Q)How so?

A) Mostly, what shaped my character would be the words of my grandpa Frank Takes The Gun who was the President of the Native American Church. He would tell basic knowledge on conducting myself as a respectful man. Having respect, honoring my parents, being drug and alcohol free and most importantly having a strong spiritual foundation.
Q)  You are a positive role model for powwow dancing and culture! What do powwows mean to you?

A) A Powwow to me is a celebration of life. A way of carrying on our traditions and heritage in a more universal way, expressing ourselves. I would say just that “it's a celebration of life, of Native people coming together to enjoy dancing and singing from many other tribes. It's place to give honor and reference to the one who made us all and even bring healing to heavy hearts. It's a place to enjoy the company of your family and friends and to challenge yourself as a dancer in friendly competition.  And the food is the best!  Everybody should attend because it will do their heart some good!
Q) Most of the time, we see you in classic hip hop culture clothing. So, how do you transform yourself when you wear your regalia?

A) When I wear my dancing outfit, I feel proud that I know where I come from. That I have the right to wear this regalia. I feel proud knowing that my wife did all my beadwork and everybody is looking and admiring her work.

Q) You have glorious regalia! I can see how you relish the opportunity to dance in it! How do you feel when you dance at a powwow?

A) I feel good. I feel happy. I feel connected to something bigger. I feel free. Ayyye!

Q) Does your spirituality teach you lessons that show in your dancing?

A) To always stay humble and to have a prayer life because without prayer we are lost. Prayers keep me grounded as a dancer knowing that it's good to have competition, but when you lose, that's ok, that's powwow. Do your best, have fun and be kind to everyone.

Q) How did you start dancing?

A) I started dancing Crow Traditional first when I was a 4th grader and switched over to fancy in 8th grade.  It became my passion! Nobody had to tell me to be a fancy dancer. It was something that I desired within my own heart.

Widely known for his hip hop songs, Supaman is passionate about powwows!

Widely known for his hip hop songs, Supaman is passionate about powwows!

Q) I believe Creator puts desires in our hearts and as we follow those, we find our calling. So, once you found your calling to dance, how did you choose your dance category?

A) As Apsaalooke, we dance Crow style. That is our own significant style of dance that we continue and I danced that first before fancy because it is more of who I am rather than fancy which is an adopted style of dance.  When dancing Crow style, I'm more proud, because it is our own style that generations before us were dancing. Dancing fancy means I get to express myself and creativity through this contemporary dance, but as an Apsaalooke.
Q) What do you think distinguishes your personal dancing from the other dancers?

A) I have been told that my footwork stands out the most and that I am a very “smooth” dancer, I guess. Haha! I bought my first set of bustles from JoJo Shields who was my mentor and his main colors were blue, so I kept the colors going to this day. When a couple gets married in Apsaalooke way the families make each other outfits, but usually the man gets a buckskin outfit and beadwork to parade in. But my wife went ahead and beaded my entire fancy outfit instead.

Q) Powwows are a vital force throughout Native America. Why do you think they transform lives so powerfully?

A) I hope that Powwow people would learn to honor,respect and be thankful for what they have no matter what race they are.  We are a people who are still here and I hope people who attend would educate themselves and their children about the truths of Native people.

Q) What do you think makes a powwow a  “gooder”, as the MC's say?

A) I think it's much more than having the best drums, dancers and biggest prize money. It's the attitudes of the people that make it a good powwow. Smile, have a good time, you are alive!

Q) What are some of your favorite powwows?

A) Crow fair of course. Ft. Hall, Rocky Boy, Gathering of Nations and Lame Deer are some great ones.

Q) What do you wish we knew about you that we don't already know?

A) I don't think fry bread is all that great. Ayyye!


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